1. Huawei

    P10/P10 Plus FAQ

    1. How does P10/P10 Plus battery compare to the P9 and P9 Plus? P10 and P10 Plus features probably the largest battery in such a slim body, 3200mAh and 3750mAh(respectively) in just under 6.98mm slim form factor. Considering the more powerful processor and camera setup, P10 still sees a 10%...
  2. Cell_C

    Cell C Network Issues: Disconnects, Coverage, Throughput Problems - Report Here

    Network Notices none Location specific Problems HSPA+ Speeds in Gauteng Region - Known Issue (From Cell C) Network Issues since January 1 - Western Cape Slow upload speeds in Cape Town Network Issues Stellenbosch Brackenfell & Kraaifontein 3G speeds in the Berea Musgrave Morningside area Known...
  3. Cell_C

    FAQ: Cell C Data Promotion [PLEASE READ FIRST]

    Q: Will there be a rollover of my unused monthly data? A: No, unfortunately the data allocation resets each month, so any unused data from the previous month will not rollover. On the 1st of each month, your account will be replenished with 2GB/5GB again. Q: Are Prepaid data bundles available...
  4. D

    I have some questions regarding the xbox 360

    Here's my list...did not find all my answers in the xbox FAQ 1.) No online gaming planned...already have pc/ps3 for multimedia stuff so would arcade be fine? 2.) Will arcade work on LCD monitor (1280x1024 native) with the xbox VGA cable? (sound will be via toslink/optical) 3.) How much...
  5. H

    News server related queries

    Due to the growing number of usenet related threads relating to the same types of queries, and the hostility that it attracts on an open forum, the following guideline has been outlined should one have any usenet related questions. This is an attempt to find some sort of common ground...
  6. T

    Hardware and Software FAQ

    MyBroadband's Hardware and Software FAQ Where can I update my drivers? For motherboards, check out: Asus Gigabyte MSI Foxconn For graphics cards, have a look at: NVIDIA ATI For sound cards, see: Creative Asus (includes SupremeFX and Realtek Integrated Audio) What is the correct procedure for...
  7. S

    FAQ Discussions - please read the sticky FAQ thread first

    Nice v3g! I just wish I had this kind of support from my ISP /service provider.
  8. V

    [Read This First] FAQ: Vodacom's Data, Data Bundles, 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA, EDGE, etc

    Please look here first for information pertaining to the Vodacom HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS data services. Please posts any suggestions in this thread and I'll add them in. Additional FAQ for Data Bundles (Contract & Pre-paid) Additional FAQ for HSDPA Additional FAQ for Vista Additional FAQ for...