fibre activation

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    Ftth setup question

    Hello, I moved in a complex with Vumatel fibre and it has the below item(DHS Zone router). I will collect a router from afrihost, Does the below item need to plug in a power adapter or do I just plug in a fibre router to its ethernet port to get internet? I had adsl before.
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    Who and how to get Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in your Estate.

    Hi Guys, Is there someone who was involved in getting Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in their Estate/Complex and can you advise how you did it, Who you contacted and what is expected from you. Would really appreciate your feedback.
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    Fibre installed - now how to activate?

    Our complex (in supposedly the richest square mile in Africa) just got fibre last month. SADV did the build. They did the fibre drop into our unit two months ago (ran the cable from the outside into our unit at a termination point), and since then we've been waiting to go live. I placed my...