fibre infrastructure

  1. M

    Determine which NIP was used for an existing fibre installation?

    I've recently moved cities and need to install fibre as I work from home. The previous owners had fibre installed, so there is a connection in the house already, but is there any way to find out which infrastructure provider was used so I can just stick with them instead of paying for a new...
  2. P

    Fibre Breakage

    Hi All, The plumber that was working on a leaking pipe have cut my fibre line running underground. I have logged a call with my service provider, however wanting to know if they are any costs involved? and turn around time for Maboneng Broadband to fix? Did anyone have a similar situation...
  3. Anthro

    How is Lightspeed / Cybersmart able to offer these packages

    I recently signed up (awaiting still) for my connection through Lightspeed / Cybersmart They have wired up our complex for fibre and plan to offer R599 for 200^/200v with 200GB Daytime and 1000GB Nighttime I signed up for the R899 200^/200v UNCAPPED package they offer to buildings on...
  4. P

    Fibre Installation Start to Live

    Hi guys, My experience so far on the maboneng network from the time of application to going live. Here is my feedback: Network Provider : Maboneng Broadband (the line was already installed in my street) ISP : Cool Ideas Package : 20/20 Price : R899 Maboneng Broadband - on the...
  5. P

    When will fibre be available to start using in Glen Marais in Kempton Park

    Does anyone know of timelines or at least estimates of when fibre will be ready to start using in Glen Marais in Kempton Park as really eager to start using it for improved speeds especially for Cloud Backups? There's lots of ISPs with good options available but pretty useless if you don't...
  6. E

    Little Falls/ Fibre

    Hi Guys, I see that the interest for Fibre in Little Falls and Strubens Valley has increased and is busy increasing by the day. If there is anyone that is keen on FTTH and live in this area please show your interest here:
  7. R

    FTTB with VoIP offerings VOX vs XDSL

    I am looking at getting fibre installed for my business. We have a DFA fibre running down our street. Now I have had some quotes on Fibre - some are crazy so I have narrowed down to 2 providers based on similar offerings and comparative pricing. What I really want to find out is 10mb...
  8. N

    Finding out if wholesale fibre exists in my area?

    Is there any way to check if any existing wholesale fibre has already been installed in my area? There doesn't seem to be any website/s that given an indication of whether any fibre exists in most areas (kind of like a coverage map). Any help with this will be appreciated. Thanks,
  9. 0

    CipherWave Fibre Broadband?

    discuss your opinion on Fibre Broadband from a tier 1 ISP
  10. jes

    Fibre-to-the-home in SA unlikely in the near future

    Fibre-to-the-home in SA unlikely in the near future Industry players agree that fibre to the home in South Africa is not on the cards in the immediate future
  11. jes

    BT plans to invest in SA fibre

    BT plans to invest in SA fibre BT likely to get involved in national fibre project in South Africa with an announcement set for the next few weeks