1. J


    Seems had a security "incident". Anyone know what happened? I've used it once or twice, but what bothers me is that they have loads of info on a person, including your license plate etc.
  2. J

    Car Disk Fine during Grace Period

    Hi, I was wondering and looking to confirm I got two fines for my car's license disk being expired but during the 21 day grace period. Is this invalid or still a valid fine that I have to pay? My old man says that if I have my proof of payment which indicates I paid during this 21 days grace...
  3. D

    Fines and Renewing Licence

    Hi all, I received an sms saying I have outstanding speeding fines (from January and February this year), didn't receive them in the mail but I see them on the paymyfine website now. Can they withhold my licence until I pay up?
  4. The_Ogre

    Traffic officers writing out tickets in parking area

    I went out to lunch and noticed a traffic officer going from car to car, checking the licence disks of the cars. How legal is this, I'm assuming the parking area belongs to the mall itself, ie. private. Is is legal for a traffic officer to do this? I mean then what's to stop him from going...
  5. S

    Oustanding fines - can you get a vehicle license renewal?

    My friend and I have taken on a R10k bet that its impossible to have you vehicle license renewed if you have outstanding fines registered to the vehicle. I had about R5k worth of fines that I had managed to collect up till Feb 2011 when I had to go and renew my car registration. I drew the R5k...
  6. LazyLion

    Church Teacher Arrested for Speeding

    A 38-year-old Laudium church teacher was arrested for driving at 147km/h in an 80km/h zone on the R55 near Oliewenhoutbosch on Friday, Gauteng traffic police said. Spokeswoman Busaphi Nxumalo said two female officers in a patrol car switched on their siren and blue lights and signalled the...
  7. J

    LG, Philips and others face hefty price-fixing fines

    LG, Philips face price-fixing fines A number of top tech and electronic brands face fines in relation to price fixing
  8. M

    Received AARTO notice from JMPD while driving a company vehicle...

    So I received an AARTO notice driving a company vehicle. I drove 106 in a 80km zone. This was on the M2 near the Selby off-ramp in Joburg. The JMPD, seeing that it is a company vehicle decided that R3000 is a fair amount, but they were gracious enough to discount it to R1500. That is a fair...
  9. LazyLion

    Confusing Signage on the N3 South before Gilooleys

    So I noticed this today when driving back to the office from a Seminar in Edenvale. It used to be there were only two inner lanes of the highway heading straight South on the N3, the other 3 lanes split to the East. But now, they have changed that and there are three lanes heading south and...
  10. I

    Traffic fines

    So, I recieved a fine in the mail today, for an offence I committed on the 15th of November 2010? Do I have to pay it or is there something I can do? Course of action? Any advice would be appreciated and I would be unable to express my immense gratitude eloquently enough!
  11. B

    Current Traffic Rules / Laws

    I'm so tired of getting spammed with mail warning about this and that new law in terms of the traffic laws in this country. It seems there is one every other week. Has anyone got some info on what the law actually is? Perhaps we can use this thread to document the current laws and use it as a...
  12. Budza

    Cost of Court (Speeding summons)

    Need to know what it costs if your case goes to court. :o Have received summons, don't have time to go, but don't feel like paying. If convicted, do I just have to pay the fine, (a few hundred) or is there an added cost due to having to get the courts involved? How much is this? If not too...
  13. LazyLion

    Rapidshare Fined $34 Million and Ordered to Filter Content So that means they were only hosting about 425 songs at $80,000 each? :D
  14. M

    Warning! Gautrain Traffic Fines

    Hi everyone. I got a email today, apparently there are 15 new permanent camera's that have been erected around the Gautrain construction, places where the speed limit has been dropped from 120 to 80. There is a zero tolerance attitude to these fines, no admission of guilt, you are required to...
  15. K

    Arrest on outstanding traffic fines

    Dont know if this has been posted. Got it in an email today. With the ammount of junk that get posted these days I dont know if its true or not. This is the Email: Original Message ----- From: William Nowers To: William Nowers Sent: 21 November, 2008 9:44 AM Subject: ROADSIDE ARREST...
  16. L

    Online Traffic Fine Checks

    Hi Does anyone know of a website that I can check to see if I have any outstanding traffic fines? Thanks L
  17. Lycanthrope

    Pay Traffic Fines Or Else

    Source: The Times I think it's a pretty good initiative - or at least I can't find anything wrong with it. People that speed annoy the bejebus out of me - in the same way people who sit on your butt on a highway do. In my opinion it's reckless and careless even if it's "only" 150km/h on an...