1. I

    The Spiciest Sauces- but locally available items only

    Hey MyBroadbanders ! After half my life of searching, I am unable to find any local sauces/condiments that are spicy enough ! The hottest I have experienced is Mochachos Dynamite Sauce, which isn't so hot anymore. So my task is to find something much hotter, but found locally. Any...
  2. flowerpower393

    Urban Food Gardens

    Urban food gardens are increasingly common around the world in high-income countries but less so in low-income countries. Access to land with secure tenure and access to a water supply pose problems and the financial returns generated by gardening are typically minimal. The high level of...
  3. S

    Baking afficionados

    Anyone here a fan of baking? What's your favourite thing to bake? I find making bread to be therapeutic, especially if I knead by hand. Some cookies I baked as last minute gifts: An orange cake for someone's birthday: Chocolatines (Chocolate chocolate crossaints): Give me your grandma's...
  4. saul berenson

    Stop Motion

    I made a stop motion animation, if you have a moment please check it out and let me know what you think. I would greatly appreciate the feedback.
  5. W

    Foodies Unite - New Web App

    Hi awesome mybb forum members, Some work friends and I have created a Web App centered around sharing meals. Any feedback/suggestions would be much appreciated :D. Click here for more about OpenSeat. The Application's main purpose is around people hosting meals at their house (or any venue) and...
  6. RedViking

    Birds in the Garden

    When I first got the bird feeders there were only 2 or 3 birdies, now I might have the whole neighbourhood in the garden. During the day there are different kind of birds that come in . In the morning I have the bigger birds (as shown in the video below), then about an hour later there are...
  7. P

    Curry Restaurant Durban

    Hi guys, I was in the UK recently and went to a curry restaurant where you ordered your curry, rice and naan separately and there were lots of flavor options for each. I really enjoyed the fact that it was an actual restaurant and that they offered curries like Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh...
  8. B

    Zang Chocolate - caffeinated chocolate

    Hi Guys Has anyone heard of or tried Zang Chocolate caffeinated products? What are your thoughts?
  9. X88Bass

    Where can i order groceries in bulk online?

    I'm looking into order some bulk groceries online and i want a service which is reliable and fast. Has anyone ever used Makro?
  10. NeonNinja

    So my friend went to Wimpy, Aliwal North

    She orders a burger . Gets it, she opens up the burger, there's spinach inside. She enquires on the person serving her, she insists it's lettuce. Is this the norm?
  11. K

    KFC Dunked Wings Sauce recipe??

    I freakin' love dunked wings sauce from KFC, but R54.90 for 8 wings is getting ridiculous! So I am on a mission to make my own version that is close to or even better than their ginger+honey+soy sauce. I have found this web page from 2010...
  12. J

    Do you order takeaways using an app?

    When ordering food for delivery, do you use an app like UberEats or Mr D Food, or do you call the restaurant directly?
  13. T

    Meat/braai Smoker help

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge/experience reviews on smokers (the cooking type, not the killing type :whistle: )? I am looking at getting one for my SO for Christmas and wondering what I should be looking for. I see there are quite a few simple boxes you put the chips...
  14. H

    Do I need a license/permit to sell homemade beverages and food items ?

    Hi! I want to launch my micro business sideline where I sell homemade beverages and condiments. Can anyone advise if a license/permit is required for micro start-ups ? Many thanks!
  15. P

    Best/favourite commercial pasta sauce?

    Hi MyBB community! This is my first post - I will do a proper introduction in the introduce yourself forum shortly, but right now I'm sitting in the office thinking of what to make for dinner tonight, and I was immediately overwhelmed with the insatiable urge for a big pot of Fusilli pasta...
  16. F

    Doorstep Chef - Ready made food or Ready made disaster

    Just a fair warning: I am not english. So beware alot of grammar errors coming up... DO NOT BUY Doorstep chef!! The quality of the food is poor and the quantity that you pay for is poor. They do not reply to your email or whatsapp messages. Every friday you get pudding. We got one slice of...
  17. NomNom

    Instagram - People who post food

    Any foodie Instagramers?
  18. A

    Chinese Goods in SA Market

    I noticed some very cheap toothpaste for R7 today. It was made in China. The local stuff is usually much higher in price. Should we be worried about quality and dumping? There are more and more foods coming onto the market, and not obviously from China - some relabelled by local brands...
  19. G

    People / companies who distribute wine to restaurants

    Hey guys I recently produced my first vintage of Sauvignon Blanc (only a small batch); the wine is certified by the relevant local boards, and it's been rated to be sold for between R80 and R120 a bottle (retail) by several sommeliers I've spoken to. However, my searches for people or...
  20. C

    How conscious are you of your sugar intake?

    With many dramatic problems arising from sugar intake (diabetes, heart problems etc) I'm interested to know how conscious you are of your sugar intake and to what extreme? Do you limit sweets and chocolate or do you take it to the extreme of checking most items of food?