1. S

    Afrihost theft and blatant ignorance.

    Dear Afrihost. Seeing as you steal money, I have decided to take legal action against you. Seeing as you don't care for your clients, and don't bother fixing this after 3 weeks, I have decided to return the favor.
  2. D

    Computicket - cancelations

    Hey I need to process a cancelation for an event I am no longer able to attend. Computicket now wants all my credit card details: Card Number Expiry date And CVV I feel uncomfortable giving them the CVV number At the back of my card. All this I see being requested on email...
  3. M

    Fraudulent Actvity on Vodacom account - IMPOSSIBLE TO RESOLVE

    It has been exactly 1 month ago that i lodged a complaint with Vodacom regarding fraudulent activity on my account. 5 additional numbers have been fraudulently added to my account. To date nothing has been done about it despite 100 of emails and calls. Consequently the fraudulent activity...
  4. R

    Resale / purchase of a contract phone

    Good morning I see many many new cellular instruments ie Samsung S8 being advertised on Gumtree. Often when I contact the seller he advises that it is a contract phone. My problem is that they unashamedly do so, even sharing the invoice from the network that confirms this. How...
  5. A

    MTN Debit order fraud, FNB cant do much

    woke up this morning to a debit order for MTN on my account for R882.29. i called FNB (my bank). after a few redirects i landed up with the debit orders side. FNB cant do a thing about the fraud part, the only thing they can do is put a stop order on the debit (i must pay R18 something for that)...
  6. R

    Electronic credit card payments rejected - Raru site

    I recently tried to purchase something on the Raru site. I have a credit card with FNB. I entered my credit card details and clicked purchase. FNB sent me a one time pin which I entered immediately and clicked process. I received a popup informing me that my transaction had been rejected by...
  7. C

    Shaming/ reporting bad business

    Hi, Where, except for HelloPeter, can I report a bad business. We bought new spare parts from a company who then sent us used parts and we've been struggling for four months to get the query resolved. Even the director could not assist, keeps playing games. Thanks.
  8. J

    Audi Sold as 2006 but is 2005, WHAT DO I DO?

    So.... a couple of days ago I purchased a car from a "reputable" dealership. I drove away confident i had found a good deal. I adjusted my rear view mirror and the entire thing fell off,and to add to it a loud and hard knock appeared from under the car so i took it to a mechanic to check.. the...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    The simple fraud questions MTN and Cell C cannot answer

    The simple fraud questions MTN and Cell C cannot answer Many South Africans have lost money through Internet banking fraud, with victims blaming their mobile operator for not protecting them against illegitimate SIM-swaps.
  10. M

    Fraudulent Vodacom Upgrade (from 3G to Voice)

    So I decide to call Vodacom to cancel my 24 month 3G contract (as I'm in my 23rd month). The call centre lady tells me that I cannot cancel this contract as it was just upgraded about a week ago and the new expiry date is March 2019. They refer me to the Vodacom Store in the East Rand (name...
  11. K

    Fraud account issues

    Hi All, I am facing an issue at a mobile and fixed line operator where I am the victim of identity theft. Some criminal created an account at the comany in my name and took cellphones and a Huawei device. This was in May. I got the first debit order in June and have sent through the neccesary...
  12. adamr

    WARNING - EC Finance - Debit Fraud

    This month and last month an amount of R59.99 was debited to my account from EC Finance (SMS alert from FNB). I did request FNB last month to reverse the debit as i had no knowledge of it ... and they told me to do it myself. I got busy and this month noticed it again and did exactly that ...
  13. Rouxenator

    BidOrBuy threatens and abuses bidders [RESOLVED]

    Hi just had a coworker coming to me and telling me that he will never use BidOrBuy again because he got an email from you telling him that he is not allowed to bid on items I had on auction. In short the accused him of fraud. I was as shocked as my coworker but came to the conclusion that in...
  14. S

    Alert: Elgas Does Not Operate in South Africa
  15. J

    Abysmal MTN customer service-Contract upgraded without my consent

    long story short, my 24mth MTN tablet/data contract due to expire next month (end May 2016) was renewed in March without my consent or approval. I only found this out after I called in to inquire about cancelling my contract at the specified end date only to be told I couldn't cancel it because...
  16. ToniO

    Appalling service from CellC

    (Incident 160226-000596) I have a number of unresolved issues, including an unauthorised charge of over R2000, a mysterious apparition entering a store and posing as me to change my data limit, as well as a number of other customer service horrors. 1. Initial Customer Service Issues I...
  17. R

    MTN not stopping my data contract

    I had a data contract with MTN and got one of their laptop deals about September 2013. I decided not to continue with the contract after the 24 month period and phoned their customer care 10 October 2015 and let them know that I wanted to switch the contract to pay as you go. I got a reference...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Couple robbed of R250,000 by hackers while trying to buy a house

    Couple robbed of R250,000 by hackers while trying to buy a house A Knysna couple is out a quarter of a million rand after a hacker intercepted the money intended as a down payment for their new home.
  19. I

    How to Choose a Forex Broker Who Will Not Fleece You

    How to Choose a Forex Broker Who Will Not Fleece You When involved in international currency (Forex) and contract for difference (CFD) markets, an investors’ most important trading decision is which brokerage platform to sign-up on. Many traders regard brokers as mere intermediaries who are...
  20. I

    How Forex Brokers Really Make Money

    How Forex Brokers Really Make Money By Alex Bowman, CFA - August 27, 2015 Most Forex brokers aren't your traditional financial intermediaries found on Wall Street. When operating in international currency, full understanding of the structure and strategic objectives of Forex brokers may...