1. N

    SANRAL name used fraudulently to obtain banking details

    SANRAL Fraud Hotline has detected a scam where an imposter represents themselves as SANRAL personnel and starts off by confirming the person’s personal details - including ID number, name and address. The SANRAL customer is then informed that SANRAL wants to reward them with a R1500.00 cash back...
  2. T

    Tax Avoidance?

    Hi, I am currently employed as a contractor. This month we received an email stating that we would received a travel allowance starting in August. Today I received my payslip for August and noticed that an amount was deducted from my Salary and added as a 'Travel Allowance'. Even though...
  3. E

    MTN - They took money without permission (No news there?)

    Dear all, Just want to raise an issue here and hopefully get some help/suggestions from the wise folk. Its my friend's case but I am raising it here. 1. So my friend is an existing contract customer of MTN as he signed up for an iPhone contract 18 months ago. 2. 2 months ago, somebody...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Eskom spending R56,000 a day on fraud accused employee

    Eskom spending R56,000 a day on legal fees for fraud accused The Sunday Times has reported that Eskom is spending R56,000 a day on legal fees to defend a manager accused of defrauding the company of R65 million
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Man in court for avoiding e-tolls

    Man in court for dodging e-tolls A Randburg man is believed to be the first person to appear in court for refusing to pay e-tolls, Beeld reported on Wednesday
  6. S

    FNB Internal fraud? R17k stolen from account WITHOUT any transaction SMS

    I have an FNB account which had a balance of roughly R17k. The entire balance was systematically stolen between 13/10 - 05/11 in R1.5k or smaller increments. Each transaction shows up as "SEND " followed by the same mobile number. I have SMS notifications set up for any transaction over...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Gautrain techie fraud case postponed

    Gautrain techie fraud case postponed Former Gautrain Management Agency employee and fraud accused Obakeng Israel Busang’s bail application was postponed in the Johannesburg Specialised Commercial Crimes Court on Tuesday
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Gautrain techie in court for attempted R800 million fraud

    Gautrain techie in court for attempted R800 million fraud A former Gautrain Management Agency employee was involved in two separate multi-million rand cases of fraud, the Johannesburg Special Commercial Crimes Court heard on Tuesday
  9. Ivan Leon

    Nkandla builder charged with fraud

    A Durban businesswoman, who was a building contractor for President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla homestead, has been arrested and charged with fraud and corruption, according to a report. The Sunday Independent reported that Thandeka Nene is accused of exaggerating her experience as a builder to win...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Eskom employees arrested for fraud

    Eskom employees arrested for fraud At least two Eskom employees have been arrested in connection with fraud that could have resulted in the power utility loosing billions of rand
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Bitcoin Ponzi scheme uncovered

    Bitcoin Ponzi scheme uncovered The U.S. government on Thursday announced its first bitcoin securities fraud case, accusing a Texas man of engineering a Ponzi scheme
  12. M

    Travel Advisory for Cape Town's MyCity Bus

    MyCity bus in Cape Town is making use of an ICT system so bad that it refuse(d) to pay Lumen Technologies their R234m, yet passengers get fined when the system malfunctions. A typical example is seen in the image below. The system fined the passenger 22 mover points worth R22, same as his...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Man allegedly uses fake number plates to avoid e-tolls

    Man allegedly uses fake number plates to avoid e-tolls A researcher from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court for allegedly using fake number plates to avoid paying e-tolls
  14. L

    SAS Developer

    Major financial services company requires the services of an experienced, talented individual to be a leading contributor in the ongoing development and enhancement of in-house initiatives for the detection of fraud through data mining by means of SAS. BSc Computer Science is highly desirable...
  15. E

    Vodacom fraudulent account, handed over to lawyers, Threatening to attach my assets

    Good day all I don't know what to do anymore. Vodacom has a fake account in my name and for 3 months their lawyers have been threatening me. I have sent them my ID, specimen signatures and a affidavit but they just don't care. I have never done business with Vodacom, and surely will...
  16. T

    Vehicle Accident Report Search

    Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me. I bought my car just over a year ago as a demo model from Ford. I've had really bad luck with the car so went to trade it in last week. The new dealership told me that the car has been in an accident. I would really like to check whether this car...
  17. S

    Vodacom Fraud

    Good morning, I'm Tertius Kilian, I've been trying to get some sort explanation from Vodacom for two months, basically what happend was I got a new phone using my old sim, now with the new contract I also received a nano sim but have never used it. Billing on this number came and the data...
  18. F

    Fraudulently signed contract Vodacom

    I need some advice. I recently took out a contract with Vodacom after porting from MTN. The day after I took out my contract, I noticed the subscription fee dropped by R40 per month. I went into the same store the next day and requested my contract to be cancelled or the subscription...
  19. THEfonz

    Car registered in my name that i have never owned

    On Wednesday (30 April 2014) I went to the post office to renew my license disk for my Nissan that expired on that day. They told me that i cant renew my license disk since my car needs a road worthying first. I already did the road worthy on my car a few years ago so i mentioned this to the...
  20. QuintonB

    Telkom warns customers of fraud

    Watch out for fraudsters, warns Telkom Fraudsters are targeting Telkom customers using counterfeit cheques and false letterheads