1. HapticSimian

    Someone more despicable than the Boston bombers...

    Not some misguided youth, poisoned by religion, but someone who willingly and knowingly exploited his fellow man for personal gain. Wonder how many deaths are on his hands? May you spend years in agony you disgusting sack of ****...
  2. LazyLion

    Malema Case Postponed

    The fraud and corruption case against expelled ANC youth league leader Julius Malema and four others was postponed in the Polokwane High Court on Tuesday morning. Magistrate Janine Ungerer ruled the matter would resume on June 20, when a High Court date for their trial would be set. Malema...
  3. jes

    Apple stock fraudster admits US-billion scheme

    Apple stock fraudster admits US-billion scheme A former trader whose unauthorized purchase of about $1 billion of Apple stock caused the demise of Rochdale Securities pleaded guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy.
  4. LazyLion

    Public Protector Warns of Over Billing

    Over-billing and false billing by service providers will cripple the state, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela warned on Wednesday. Addressing the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO) in Somerset West, Madonsela said her office was picking up a startling number of cases where service...
  5. R

    419 & Other Cell C Scams

    It is illegal to send me unsolicited marketing emails. Read the Electronic Communications Act. I keep getting 419 scams and other sorts of harrassment from Cell C. They said that MTN was to blame. Cell C is a spam engine!
  6. LazyLion

    Three Years in Prison for Lenasia Land Fraudster

    Lenasia land fraudster Mandla Dlamini was sentenced to three years' imprisonment by the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Tuesday. "After considering all the facts before the court, including the age of the accused, I am still of the opinion that imprisonment is the [best] option,"...
  7. B

    Titan-Ice Computers' questionable business conduct?

    EDIT: Update below If you have ever been given a credit note from Titan-Ice Computers, you might want to read this. Just want to say I'm not out for conflict but...
  8. L

    MTN and their glitches which cost you your money

    I have all the detail of the complaint here: But for an abridged version: Due to an MTN service fault, a 1 day uncapped bundle was not activated and so my account was drained of about (or over) R300 of...
  9. J

    Sites seized on Cyber Monday for counterfeit goods sales

    132 counterfeit sites seized on Cyber Monday 132 online sites were pulled down after it was revealed that counterfeit goods were being sold through Cyber Monday sales
  10. jes

    Fraud control at Standard Bank raises concerns

    Fraud control at Standard Bank raises concerns Malicious-looking JavaScript on the Standard Bank website raises concerns
  11. jes

    SIM swap fraud on the rise - warning from Vodacom

    SIM swap fraud on the rise - warning from Vodacom Vodacom is warning customers against scammers posing as company representatives
  12. Creag

    Credit card fraud, ABSA and EasyPay

    Today my wife got hit for the 2nd time - in 5 months - for a fraudulent transaction on her credit card; both hits come from EasyPay. She banks with ABSA. The first time she was hit for R300 and cancelled card. This time it's for an amount of R1,000. Cancelled the card again. Although ABSA...
  13. jes

    US seizes websites in credit card fraud crackdown

    US seizes websites in credit card fraud crackdown US authorities have ordered the seizure of 36 websites engaged in selling and distributing stolen credit card numbers, officials said Thursday.
  14. jes

    Warning: fraud occurring on Cell C data packages

    Warning: fraud occurring on Cell C data packages Cell C’s data users have been the victims of fraud, with the mobile giant admitting that it had to suspend affected data customers’ accounts to prevent further bandwidth being stolen. Update Article clarifying the situation with statement from...
  15. A

    Global warming is all a lie

    Interesting news article adding to the global warming debate
  16. M

    WARNING MWEB SCAM - "FREE" capped internet data = Rthousands RAPED from bank acc!!!

    Mweb and Game stores are and have been running a "promotion" for some months: "BUY ANY LAPTOP & GET 1 YEAR FREE INTERNET". The small print also reads: *1 Year FREE Internet access on an MWEB ADSL connection capped at 3 Gigs per month. Subject to signing 12 month subscription. Excludes line...
  17. R

    Nashua Mobile/MTN Data Over Charging

    We have had an on-going billing dispute with Nashua Mobile for the past 2 years. We have an MTN number via Nashua Mobile. I was roaming in the UAE and used data on my Nokia N82 device. Upon returning we received an itimised bill from Nashua Mobile for around R4,000, two weeks later we...
  18. L

    VAT implications Re: Zappon Vouchers

    In short: A Business I am dealing with (not VAT registered) are currently dealing with Zappon/Groupon/etc (seemingly VAT registered). They are eg. selling a R1000 'service' for R500 on their website(s). How Zappon etc work: Zappon states that they take 3% of the R500 towards credit card...
  19. A

    Neotel Address Query

    I recently joined with Neotel and provided an address that seems to have changed on my account with them. The address that I gave seems to have limited service, but when I look on the internet, the address that they have for me seems to have full coverage. Has anyone else battling with...
  20. K

    SARS unearths retail sales software fraud

    During the unveiling of the 2010-2011 fiscal revenue results, SARS identified specialised retail software used by tax dodgers The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has identified specialised tax evasion software used by retailers, hampering revenue collection. SARS commissioner Oupa...