1. J

    Telkom Usage Being Stolen

    Hi All I need some advice and thinking of moving my 3 gig telkom account to somewhere else. I had a problem with my usage being consumed more that I expect. A lot more. I contacted Telkom Abuse and they told me it's my problem. I suspected telkom shares my pass info with friends. But I had...
  2. rpm

    Fighting fraud electronically

    Fighting fraud electronically
  3. M

    Man accused of faking heart attacks to avoid bills

    ... Smart idea. Who dares to try this?
  4. redarrow

    "Spot" fine.

    So this morning, driving towards Mthatha for work (I'm there now), as I enter the "Kei River pass" I failed to notice the two pigs (:p) with their little camera... oh dear :( Consequently I got pulled over, apparently I was doing 114 in a 80 zone (my speedo was actually reading over 120 ;))...
  5. S

    Zimbabweans forced to vote

    No surprises here:
  6. rpm

    One step ahead of credit card crooks

    One step ahead of credit card crooks
  7. M

    Man 'bewitched' out of R48 500

    More... I'm stunned how grown up people can still believe this nonsense :eek:
  8. K

    The Fidentia Trial - J. Arthur Brown

    Here it goes again... How many widows were converted to beggars this time?