1. A

    BIG problem with digiserv, please advise

    hi, we registered a domain name and hosting account through on friday, the account was paid on the due date which is the 7th march 2011 (3 days later, because of the weekend) anyways, after the account was paid we sent proof of payment, a copy of deposit slip via email and a while...
  2. jes

    RICA doesn't protect against cellphone fraud says WASPA

    RICA doesn't protect against cellphone fraud says WASPA WASPA issued a press release today to “correct misperceptions that RICA legislation may offer some protection against mobile fraud”
  3. rpm

    Beware credit/debit card skimming at ATMs

    Beware card skimming at ATMs Criminals now installing camera devices in ATMs to capture PIN codes.
  4. jes

    WASPs continue to defraud cellphone customers

    WASPs continue to defraud cellphone customers Some WASPs have continued to bill cellular subscribers for services they say they never requested, with T-mobile SA's name coming up on more than one occasion
  5. jes

    Cellphone banking: How safe are your habits?

    Cellphone banking: How safe are your habits? Cellphone banking is unbelievably convenient and FNB reports that about 2,3-million of its clients use their cellphones to transact. But how safe is it, really?
  6. jes

    ATMs and Sex Trader cannot be trusted

    ATMs and Sex Trader cannot be trusted Top cyber cop warns South Africans against a slew of new scams and attacks aimed at local Internet users
  7. L

    DA Western Cape govt won't buy SABC news coverage

    Source: TimesLIVE Bwahahahaahaha! Go DA! Go Western Cape! Awesome! Now imagine what would happen if the ANC got to regulate the media :D
  8. E

    MTN 24 hr uncapped not 24hrs

    During the last 3 weeks I ave bought the MTN 24hr uncapped bolt on data bundle 4 times. I beleive that MTN is fraudulently selling these bundles to a unsuspecting public, and if it is not commiting fraud, what they are doing is an unfair business practice. Let me relate my experience...
  9. S

    Hidden Charge in Telkom ADSL

    Call me a sucker, but when I saw the standalone 4 mbit DSL offering from Hellkom at, I thought I could take them at their word. They installed, I entered into an agreement with a (non-Hellkom) ISP, and at the end of the month the...
  10. P

    Astar Travel

    Hi Guys dunno if u guys heard of the company, well if you do the offer amazing trips around the world at reasonable prices. Anyway their in the country now calling people and setting up appointments and offering these wonderfull trips well now everyone is wondering if there is anything...
  11. M

    Family flee after R33m VAT fraud - The son is BIDORBUY'S HIGHEST RANKED COIN DEALER Ahmed Tayob who uses the name "BullionVault" is the largest seller on Bidorbuy and Bidorbuy generates alot of commisions from him. They are not allowing any...
  12. W

    a Culture of Corruption

    923 caught for housing fraud Friday, 27 November 2009 A total of 923 government officials have been caught during the human settlement department's crackdown on corruption, Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale said on Thursday. Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale "We...
  13. LazyLion

    72% of Banks Say Their Employees Committed Fraud! Original Source... The figure must be around 144% in South Africa!!! :rolleyes:
  14. V

    iBurst are a disgrace

    My 75+ yo mother phoned me the other day all excited telling me she had just signed up for a 24 month iburst contract. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I found out that she had been called by Atlantic (her isp) sold a bunch of BS about "lightning fast" internet by their sales reps and...
  15. M

    Zuma wou Vodacom-notering glo keer

    Sorry for the english peeps out their but I don't have a link to an english article. As soon as I find one, I will post it. The low down is that information came to light that Zuma personally wanted to stop the Telkom-Vodacom deal. He apparently didn't want the MBeki alliance to make money...
  16. D

    Speedfine SCAM

    So after getting 2 speed fines and viewing the fines and seeing that there is no crossheir or distance from camera and going take it up with the relevant authorities, I check on and see they have now ADDED a distance measurment to the photo and low and behold a magical crossheir...
  17. B

    Shaik well enough to dine out?
  18. N

    Surely it's fraud?

    Be warned: Neotel is dishonest. Like many others I've been billed for 3000 megabytes for a 2,5 Gig Neoconnect Prime account I've hardly used. My usage pattern is lower than normal if anything, and on Vodacom 500 megs was enough. There's no way I've used even the 2500 megs I paid for. Every time...
  19. S

    Click 2 Buy IT Stole my Money

    Hey Guys, anyone ever used probably one of the most useless companys I have ever come accross. We ordered stuff from them and now there website doesnt exist anymore and there no does not exist. THEY HAVE RUN AWAY WITH MY MONEY......!!!!!!:mad:
  20. A

    Reporting SARS to the SARS fraud line

    Well they say "report suspicious activity". It's a toll free number. There is nobody more suspicious than them.