galaxy s3

  1. R

    Where to get phone evaluated?

    Hi Guys, So my Samsung Galaxy S3 died on me last week and I have filed an insurance claim but they are requiring me to get the phone evaluated so that we can send them a report on the phones condition before they (the insurance company) does anything. The phone was bought prepaid. I then...
  2. D

    GALAXY S3 Unroot help please

    Hi guys, I have installed CyanogenMod on my phone, now I want to sell the phone but the buyer wants the stock OS loaded. I have looked everywhere for a download link for the stock ROM, South African version. Has anyone here installed the stock ROM, unrooted their phone? Is it even...
  3. G

    Galaxy S3 ClockworkMod Ktikat 4.4.2 failing

    My wife's Galaxy S3 bricked. I rooted the phone shortly after I got it, worked fine for more than two years. A few days ago the battery ran out, I recharged, switched the phone on and got stuck on the "Galaxy S3-I9300" splash screen. I followed the instructions as per the link below...
  4. J

    Sudden Death Syndrome on Galaxy S3

    So my phone is 13 months old and there it goes in the afternoon just dead. I thought okay, maybe I should try a different battery. And I did, but the phone wouldn't come on. It also didn't charge. When I searched about this I could find out as lot of S3's just died from some sort of defective...
  5. M

    Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE doesn't want to charge

    Ever since the weekend I have been struggling to charge my S3. Sometimes when the phone feel like it, it charges. I couldn't get the phone to charge on the 2 chargers at home or with my car charger. Here at the office it's charging via the usb from my laptop. And no, the phone hasn't been...
  6. B

    Buying a grey import from Junkmail - Thoughts?

    Hi Guys, So I can buy a Galaxy S3 sealed in the box, when I called the guy I asked if it was local stock and he said no it was grey stock but it's sealed in the box. What are the pro's and con's of buying this phone? Surely it's just like the real thing only it's not covered by warranty...
  7. M

    Samsung Galaxy S4 demand 40% higher than Galaxy S III's in UK

  8. jes

    LG wants to shift 40-million smartphones in 2013

    LG wants to shift 40-million smartphones in 2013 LG Electronics set a global sales target of 40 million smartphones for 2013
  9. J

    Samsung Galaxy S3 stress test

    Samsung shows Galaxy S3 durability Samsung demonstrates the strength and build quality of the company’s flagship device, the Galaxy S3
  10. J

    Samsung Galaxy S3 grabs number one spot

    Samsung Galaxy S3 grabs top spot Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone has taken the number one position in the smartphone market, according to Strategy Analytics’ research
  11. jes

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - 30 million units solid

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - 30 million units solid Samsung Electronics says global sales of the Galaxy S3 smartphone have topped 30 million
  12. M

    Samsung announces a beefed up Galaxy S III for Japan

  13. QuintonB

    Samsung Galaxy S III mini reveal coming Thursday 11 October

    Samsung Galaxy S III mini reveal incoming Samsung is set to unveil a “mini” Galaxy S III this week
  14. J

    New Samsung ad pokes fun at iPhone 5

    New Samsung ad parodies iPhone 5 wait Samsung’s latest Galaxy S III advert pokes fun at Apple and the eager consumers queuing up for the iPhone 5.
  15. J

    Apple fans take a shot at Samsung ad

    Apple fans shoot back at Samsung ad Apple fans have parodied Samsung’s anti-iPhone 5 advert
  16. J

    Samsung Galaxy S3 reaches 20 million in sales

    Samsung Galaxy III sales hit 20 million Samsung’s flagship device hits the 20 million mark for worldwide sales
  17. J

    Jelly Bean coming to Galaxy S2 and Note soon?

    Samsung Galaxy S II and Note getting Jelly Bean soon? The latest Android update rumoured to arrive for older devices soon
  18. S

    Anyone flashed a custom ROM on their S3?

    I've been using the S3 for 2 months now and have grown to love some of the touchwiz functionality like swiping a call-log entry left to right therefore triggering the dialer. Smart Stay. Smart dialler from sms etc etc. Right now Im mulling over flashing stable CM9 or a CM10 nightly. Care to...
  19. J

    Samsung have sold almost double the amount of smartphones than Apple

    Samsung widen the gap from Apple Samsung have posted record profits and also have widened the gap between themselves and their main competitors, Apple
  20. QuintonB

    Exploding Galaxy S3 mystery solved

    Galaxy S3 explosion caused by external power source Samsung cited a report by fire investigators as saying an external energy source caused one of its Galaxy S III smartphones to catch fire in Ireland last month.