1. S

    Samsung S21 Poor Battery

    I have had the S21 Ultra for 10 days from 21 January 2021. Since then I have been unable to achieve more than 2hr30min screen on time. I have tried resetting, limiting all background usage, turning off all my networks but nothing has worked. Even taking the phone back to Vodacom the lady said...
  2. ECHLN

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  3. T

    Samsung Galaxy S20 pre-order

    About to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S20 - based on previous experiences, can anyone advise who to go to for this or more specifically, who to avoid (so as not to be disappointed on launch day). Does anyone know who/where to go for earliest deliveries? Normally, my default is Incredible...
  4. J

    Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 launch dates for South Africa

    Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 - The models coming to South Africa Samsung has announced that its Galaxy A51 will go on sale in South Africa in the first week of February, with the Samsung Galaxy A71 following in the second week. Cellucity has also revealed the specifications of the Galaxy A51 and...
  5. carstensdj

    We May Finally Understand the Moments Before the Big Bang

    Article Here
  6. S

    Cool Ideas Giveaway Scam [Not Cool Ideas]

    So I was browsing a torrent site today, using my Cool Ideas fibre connection at home, and got hit with a popup supposedly from Cool Ideas, that looked quite legit. Basically a competition/giveaway to get your hands on 1 of 100 cellphones. I knew it was a con (being a popup from a torrent site)...
  7. ECHLN

    Telkom's Horrible Update record for the Note8

    So I've owned the Note8 for a little over a year now and I'm in love with it. I've always been a Note guys since the Note 2. I've always had them on MTN so I've never had any serious complaints about updates since owning the Note 2, 4, 5, and S7 edge. It all changed when I got my Note8 on...
  8. powermzii

    Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128 GB (Prism Green)

    Item name: Samsung Galaxy S10 + in Prism Green colour - 128GB Age and condition: Brand new (delivered 27-02) - opened just to check contents and check that it boots up. Do you include packaging: Yes original + All peripherals in their original packaging Warranty: Standard warranty from Samsung...
  9. jostian

    [S] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Black)

    Item name: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128 gig) Age and condition: 2 months, absolutely Pristine, no signs of use whatsoever, with original box and accessories and earphones (unused). Also includes a range of slim hard cases. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Balance of existing warranty, yes...
  10. S

    [Sale] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(w/Gear VR)

    Item: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 6gb ram/64gb storage + Extra cover + Extra glass sreen protector - SOLD Age:7 months Price: R4500 neg Warranty: None Packaging: Complete Condition: Excellent Location: Johannesburg Reason: Upgraded Shipping: No Collection: Yes Link: Mi Mix 2 Link to pictures: Pics Item...
  11. jostian

    [S] Samsung S8+ 64gig, Midnight Black

    Item name: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Absolutely pristine, incredible condition, not a mark! at all. Age and condition: a few months (have receipt). With new screen protector, box, headset, and charger, wireless charging Pad and 2 ultra slim hard cases. Do you include packaging: Yes, original box...
  12. Awesum

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Item: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Midnight Black, 64Gb, includes all accessories, a Spigen Rugged Armor case and 2 x Spigen Neoflex screen protectors Age: 5 months Price: R8 900 Warranty: yes, balance of 24 months with FNB Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent - not a scratch Location: JHB South...
  13. S

    [Sale] Galaxy Note 8 bundle

    Item name (be very descriptive): Black Galaxy Note 8 64GB, black Samsung Alcantara case, Black Gear Fit 2 Pro, Samsung Dex Station and foldable keybaord. All local stock, not bound to cellular contract Age and condition: Phone is oldest item, got on launch, going for 10 months Do you include...
  14. M

    Aliens May Be Rearranging Stars to Fight Dark Energy, Awesome Study Suggests

    Aliens May Be Rearranging Stars to Fight Dark Energy, Awesome Study Suggests
  15. S

    Samsung Galaxy S9+ (plus) 128GB Titanium Gray, MTN Stock, Brand New Sealed x 3 units

    Item: Samsung Galaxy S9+ (plus) 128GB Titanium Gray Age: Brand new still sealed Warranty: 24 months from MTN (starting 2018/06/05) Packaging: Yes, original, unopened Condition: Brand new Location: Lenasia, Johannesburg Reason: Unneeded upgrades Shipping: No Collection: Yes, the only...
  16. R

    Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

    Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Samsung will announce the specs and release date of the upcoming S9 and S9+ soon, which in my opinion will be a direct competitor to the Iphone X (10). Check out the unofficial videos of renders and rumours below and would you buy one bearing the possible high...
  17. w1tw0lf

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    Item being sold: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Selling Price: R 3 500.00 Condition: No scratches, dents or any marks. Been in UAG case since received. 9/10. Age of the item: almost 2 years. Location of item: East Rand, Gauteng Delivery/Collection: Prefer collection, delivery cost on buyer. Reason...
  18. S

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Brand new spare original battery All accessories in box Phone has tempered screen protector and silicone back cover Phone works perfectly Age and condition: 2 Years, Good Condition Do you...
  19. Inky1980

    Used Phone from the USA - Will it work in S.A?

    Hi all, I am in the USA at the moment and have been given a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge by my brother. The phone is used and is currently on AT&T. I have read all over the internet that phones can be region-unlocked by placing a 5 minute phone call from withing the country of purchase on the network...
  20. R

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB - Black Sapphire [S]

    Item name: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB - Black Sapphire with body glove flip cover/s Age and condition: 24 Months, good Do you include packaging: Yes, original packaging Warranty: no Reason for selling: Purchase an S8 over the weekend Price: R4500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Lonehill...