1. D

    Gas Leak Detector / Alarm

    Has anyone looked into or used gas leak detectors/alarms that are available locally, similar to smoke alarms? For propane/cooking gas, for home use. Just looking for something available in SA that sounds an alarm if the gas is detected in the air. Bonus points if it integrates into a Paradox...
  2. D

    Alva or Delta Zero Start Gas Geyser?

    HI All, I have a rather large house I am busy subdividing for rental purposes. At the end of the day it will consist of 6 separate units. I did the math, and on a 60amp electricity feed, there is simply just not enough electricity available to spread out over the 6 units each each with their...
  3. C

    Good and bad LPG dealers

    It seems that many people aren't even aware that LPG has regulated prices in SA. Following on from comments seen here: I thought that it would be a good idea to have a thread naming low cost LPG dealers and rip off artist...
  4. RedViking

    Convert Charcoal Braai to Gas (Advice)

    I want to convert my braai to gas because charcoal is getting expensive and the quality is getting worse. No, I do not want to use wood. :sneaky: Is it possible and what must I buy to convert it to gas (besides the gas bottle). Links will be helpful. This is my braai:
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Zuma’s plan to fix SA’s electricity crisis

    Zuma’s plan to fix South Africa’s electricity crisis SA President Jacob Zuma has unveiled his plan to fix Eskom’s problems and resolve the electricity crisis in South Africa
  6. antowan

    Gas regulator rubber pol. Where to buy in Pretoria East?

    Elo I have a gas regulator for a gas heater that has a black rubber tip or rubber pol as it is known that needs replacement before I use the heater again. Anybody know where I can buy it in Pretoria East or surrounds? I left it disconnected since last winter and for some reason these things...
  7. M

    Scientists Ready To Witness Milky Way's Black Hole Consume Giant Gas Cloud

  8. NeonNinja

    Top 10 most fuel efficient cars in South Africa

    VW Polo 1.2 TDi BlueMotion and VW Golf 1.6Tdi Bluemotion The Polo wins it with an average of 3.4litres/100km, but I’ve added the bigger sibling from the group, which is astonishingly just behind its smaller counterpart at 3.8 litres/100km. The Polo will set you back R205,000, which isn’t...
  9. G

    Why the world is running out of helium
  10. M

    LPG ge-reguleer soos Petrol

    Link Solank hierdie ly tot goedkoper pryse en nie goedkoper vir die eerste jaar en dan doen hulle met LPG wat hulle met die Petrol prys doen!
  11. M

    Heaters - bar, halogen, gas and oil

    Which of these uses the least electricity? I need one for my room but I heard that the conventional heaters uses a lot of electricity. Game has a 7 fin oil radiator heater for R350. Pic
  12. M

    Driver Fills up Gas Tank, Receives Bill For $81 Billion

    Full story
  13. M

    Stinky farts may help regulate blood pressure

    Okay, that last part I made up :p Full article I'm sure men are gonna use this to their advantage. Sorry ladies, we just love our farts.
  14. M

    Vast oil, natural gas reserves estimated in Arctic

  15. M

    Sex For Gas

    Times must be bad if you're trading sex for gas :o
  16. LazyLion

    Fuel Saving tips that don't really Work! (Article)