1. I

    Rain Hack - users notified

    Recently our cyber-security team discovered unauthorised access to our invoice storage system. The vulnerability has been identified and remedied. This means that some of your historical invoices may have been accessed, with the information limited to your name and postal address. Firstly, we...
  2. L

    BCX website "hacked"

  3. Bradley Prior

    Jeff Bezos hacked through WhatsApp by Saudi prince - Report

    Jeff Bezos hacked through WhatsApp by Saudi prince - Report The Guardian reports that Jeff Bezos was successfully hacked through WhatsApp by Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2018. A digital forensic analysis found that it was "highly probable" that the infiltration of Bezos'...
  4. H

    Netflix Account Hacked and Subscription Cancelled

    This morning I got to the office and logged into my gmail account. I see multiple emails from Netflix. Two emails for signing in (I know this wasn't me) , a second email for changing my password and the last one is a confirmation that I cancelled my subscription (Why would I do that?). See...
  5. J


    Seems Viewfines.co.za had a security "incident". Anyone know what happened? I've used it once or twice, but what bothers me is that they have loads of info on a person, including your license plate etc.
  6. T

    I have been hacked!

    This is what happened: I received an email from bitfinex.com.saying I was acessing my account. When I went to gmail to check it out the email suddenly disappeared. I went to check my google activity and there it was:. An IP that originated from Zurich accessed my Google, Poloniex...
  7. G

    Survey: Sa teens as victims of cybercrime

    I am in matric and am doing my LO research project on whether SA teens are victims of CyberCrime. I have developed a survey using Google forms. Would it be possible for you to please pass this on to any teens that would be willing to complete the survey? There will be a lucky draw of 5GB mobile...
  8. J

    Crystal Web Hack, Resolution and Consequence

    I know there have been many of these threads on here, complaining about the hack, but has anything actually been done? Is there anything that can actually be done apart from just finding another ISP? I understand that IndigoVision is the one responsible for the breach, but i feel Crystal Web...
  9. J

    DSTV Spamming the hacked LinkedIn Email Database

    As any good netizen, I have been using "plus addresses" for some time, and it's always interesting to see which dodgy companies buy and sell email addresses online. Today I received an invitation to the "DSTV Delicious International Food & Music Festival" from the Spam Agency Scatterlings /...
  10. M

    PayPal Accounts Hacked With A Click: Engineer Uncovers Security Breach

    PayPal Accounts Hacked With A Click: Engineer Uncovers Security Breach
  11. P

    Tracing mtn ip after hack

    Our site was hacked & defaced We need proof as to who it was On gmail we traced the ip adress - and whois shows its owned by mtn business solutions Who can we contact to find the owner Multiple attempts were made before actual hack was succesful - all mtn ips:confused:
  12. LazyLion

    Cybercrime cell busted after stealing 45 Millions Dollars

    Eight people were charged in New York Thursday for being part of a global cybercrime ring that allegedly stole altogether 45 million dollars by hacking into debit card accounts and withdrawing money from ATMs worldwide. The eight men who were indicted, one of whom was killed in the Dominican...
  13. jes

    AARTO website hacked

    AARTO website hacked The website for AARTO has been hacked and replaced with a trophy screen
  14. J

    Adobe user forum hacked

    Adobe user forum breached Adobe has said that its user forum was a victim of hacking, as the culprit claimed the attack and promised to release the stolen data on the internet
  15. J

    Reuters blogging site hacked

    Reuters blog hacked Reuters blogging platform was hacked, with false information being posted online
  16. M

    Apple Allowed Hackers Access To User's iCloud Account

  17. J

    Anonymous accesses Australia spy agency ASIO

    Anonymous hacks spy agency Anonymous claims that it the group has hacked an Australian spy agency
  18. J

    Journalist blames iCloud for hack

    Apple to blame for iCloud hack A tech journalist is holding Apple responsible for an iCloud hack
  19. J

    Reuters Twitter hack results in fake tweets

    Reuters Twitter account hacked News company’s social media was accessed, resulting in false tweets and updates being posted
  20. D

    Wordpress hacked / infected with 'Silence is golden' code

    Hoping one of you gurus can help me out here :cry: One of my websites got hacked or infected (unsure what it actually is) last week. After I experienced some strange admin panel behavior I had a feeling that every directory's index.php file was affected (as those are the files hackers usually...