1. D

    Single Connection Performance - Home Connect & Frogfoot

    Hi All, I recently got Fibre, 15 October 2020, and couldn't be more excited until I started running some speed tests lol. I decided to sign up with Home-Connect as they were the cheapest...and Frogfoot was the only available FNO in my area. I opted for the 200/200Mbps package they offer. So...
  2. D

    Metrofibre price increases?

    Hi All, I just want to query if I am alone, but on Friday I received notification via my ISP that the infra provider for my Line, Metrofibre has just pushed price increase across the board on all their ISP's. Essentially From 1 September, my package goes up R100pm, a 16% increase in this...
  3. D

    Amazing service from CipherWave Home-Connect

    So I placed an order after getting massively fed-up with another LTE provider who I won't name. Less than 2 days after signing up with Home-Connect my Fibre line was activated (CPE Already installed from previous ISP) and the next day just after 5 my router was delivered, after an initial setup...
  4. Amine

    RocketNet or Home-Connect ISP on MetroFiber Networx

    Hello Everyone I'm about to sign up with one of these two ISPs, they are both around R1200 for 100/100 Mbps. in HelloPetter Home-Connect has 4 starts with TrustIndex of 7.9, ranking #3 as Internet Service Provider while RocketNet has 3 starts with TrustIndex 4.4, ranking #8 as Internet Service...
  5. C

    Home-Connect Fibre Packages. Do you have issues with them?

    Hi All Currently SADV is installing fibre in our complex. I'm looking at capped vs uncapped packages. The uncapped packages usually have either a low fair use policy or the contention ratio is very high, sometimes up to 80:1. The capped packages start getting expensive when looking at...
  6. Espee

    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    I have been using Cipherwave / Home-Connect's 100/100Mbps package for the past two weeks and I have SADV (SA Digital Villages) as my fibre provider. My experience thus far has been extremely positive. I have been seeing constant speeds of 95Mbps+ and my downloads on Steam, Origin, etc...
  7. H

    Home-Connect (CipherWave) FTTH

    Hi all What is anybody's experience with CiperWave's Home-Connect products? I'm looking at the 20/20 FibreTrend. They seem to be really well priced. Thanks in advance... Regards