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  1. old

    Octotel Fibre - Surrey Estate, Cape Town

    Surrey Estate, Cape Town Trenching - DONE [February 2020] Fibre inserted into subsurface fibre ducting conduits - DONE [April 2020] Question: When is Surrey Estate and surrounding areas GO LIVE?
  2. J

    Open Serve and Home Connect outage

    Good afternoon. Is anyone aware of an Open Serve fibre outage in the Rand Park Ridge area? The relevant ISP is Home Connect. According to the ISP the fault is with Open Serve but I’m not aware of other ISP’s reporting Open Serve outages in the area.
  3. P

    Comtel Vs Coold Ideas Vs Home Connect - (Comtel anyone???) Vox VOIP?

    Hi, I am looking to sign up for fiber in Three Anchor Bay, Green Point, Cape Town area which is serviced by Octotel. I have narrow my choice down to either Cool Ideas or Home Connect, and I recently looked into Comtel. Looking at 100mbps/25 uncapped, unshaped as well as add on VOIP...
  4. Espee

    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    I have been using Cipherwave / Home-Connect's 100/100Mbps package for the past two weeks and I have SADV (SA Digital Villages) as my fibre provider. My experience thus far has been extremely positive. I have been seeing constant speeds of 95Mbps+ and my downloads on Steam, Origin, etc...
  5. H

    Home-Connect (CipherWave) FTTH

    Hi all What is anybody's experience with CiperWave's Home-Connect products? I'm looking at the 20/20 FibreTrend. They seem to be really well priced. Thanks in advance... Regards