1. J

    Apple Family sharing account

    Hey guys so what's happening is that two people have their iCloud / Apple accounts attached to a family account, and whenever the one person does something on the desktop, like collecting clippings from the net for projects etc, the entire desktop get duplicated onto the other person Macbook...
  2. T

    iCloud Drive and Windows 10 Sync

    Hi there, I had to format my laptop today and I am busy setting everything back up now. I have downloaded iCloud for Windows and switched iCloud drive on but nothing is syncing, the status for iCloud drive says Updated xx minutes ago but there is nothing in the folder. I remember...
  3. M

    Stolen iPhone - trying to hack apple ID password

    My wife's iPhone 6 was stolen about a month ago. I activated the Lost phone option on iCloud with my contact details. Last night (19/10) I received SMSs informing me that the phone has been located, from the following numbers: 0872405695 0872405217 0872405948 0872405478 asking me to login...
  4. SmellyCelly

    iTunes Music Library - little dotted cloud

    Hi there Sorry if this seems a silly question. I've just acquired a Macbook Pro. I'm moving my music over to it. And in the iTunes Library, it's show a small dotted cloud next to each track. Does this mean it's going to be uploading it to the cloud? Is there a way to prevent this as I'm on a...
  5. A

    iCloud Keychain SMS Number

    Hi Guys I have read through dozens of posts on the Apple Support Community and posted two questions regarding this issue months apart with 0 response. I decided to try this thread in the hopes that I might find an answer. I cannot authenticate my iCloud Keychain on IOS 8.2 . I am asked to...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    The world's worst passwords

    Worst passwords in the world If you use any of the passwords on this list, you are at serious risk of being hacked
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple blocks access to users’ accounts

    Apple blocks access to users’ accounts Apple unveiled new policies that block its access to users’ mobile devices, even with a warrant, the tech giant revealed late Wednesday
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple to step up iCloud security

    Apple to step up iCloud security Apple Inc is planning additional steps to keep hackers out of user accounts in the face of the recent celebrity photo scandal and will aggressively encourage users to take stricter security measures
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Celebrity nude photo hack a sex crime

    Celebrity nude photo hack a sex crime Those behind the massive leak of naked celebrity photos that shocked the show business world could and should be prosecuted, including for child sex crimes
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Celebrity photo hack clouds Apple’s product launch

    Celebrity photo hack clouds Apple’s product launch The leak of racy celebrity photos in the past few days has put Apple in the unusual position of having to mend its image just days before a highly anticipated Sept. 9 product launch
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Naked celebrity photo hack targeted attack, not iCloud breach: Apple

    Naked celebrity photo hack targeted attack, not iCloud breach: Apple Apple said Tuesday a “targeted attack” on some user accounts led to the release of nude celebrity photos but that it found no breach of its cloud storage system
  12. A

    Cloud computing too fast for broadband saturation in developing regions?

    We are new to Apple and bought an iPhone 5, 5S and MBP less than a year ago, or as recent as November 2013, yet already much of the sync-ability is gone. We sadly divorced from Nokia thus also Windows, because Lumia is not supported by Nokia Suite and users "get forced through the cloud." The...
  13. B

    Alternative ways to get a @icloud.com email address?

    Hi all I have a problem. I baught a second hand iPhone so can't create a free Apple ID on it, it says something like this device can't be used to create any more Apple IDs. Problem is now I can't use iCloud because in order to use iCloud you must have a @icloud.com email address. I have another...
  14. J

    Apple launch iCloud portal to users

    iCloud.com exits beta Apple’s cloud storage portal is now open, up and running for iCloud users
  15. J

    Journalist blames iCloud for hack

    Apple to blame for iCloud hack A tech journalist is holding Apple responsible for an iCloud hack
  16. jes

    Consumers win in the techie war (Column)

    Consumers win in the techie war (Column) It has been a lively year for technology, despite the bad state of the world’s economy
  17. C

    Syncing to iCloud

    Hey guys, I've upgraded to iOS5 and I'm loving it, but I have been weary to sync to iCloud. I worried because you have to log in with an Apple ID. As most of you, I have 2 Apple IDs, and I'm not quite sure what effect this will have. Has anyone tried this yet? What were the effects?
  18. L

    Have to get a new browser to use iCloud?

    nvm nvm (cant delete for some reason)