1. F

    Illegal invading of your privacy?

    Do the following means that Vodacom are going to invade our privacy in an illegal way or are they going to ASK PERMISSION from each and every customer before they turn this on? As per Vodacom billing page.
  2. RedViking

    SA farmer cries foul

    Read more here: City Press
  3. V

    Is this illegal? nootropics?

    Hey guys so I've started a nootropics business, and right now I am selling a tablets containing caffeine + L theanine. These are both substances that come from coffee beans and green tea so they're natural extracts. I make the tablets at my house with a machine I have. On my packaging I have...
  4. J

    Is the kodi add on - exodus legal in South Africa?

    As far as I understand kodi itself is legal in South Africa. However when using an add on such as exodus does it become illegal? If anyone has specific laws regarding streaming please post.
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Tech you won’t believe was illegal in SA

    Tech you won’t believe was illegal in South Africa It’s crazy to think that there once was a time when it was illegal to Skype call someone from South Africa.
  6. D

    Is Sim Locking Legal in South Africa

    Im trying to help a friend and they say that, their phone is locked on a certain network (Vodacom) dont know the type of phone, but it doesnt work with any other providers, and I found this site that says that ICASA banned sim locking? So is it...
  7. W

    OpenWeb troubles

    Good day, I have joined this forum with one specific purpose, to share my troubles with OpenWeb company, specifically the fight to overrun their "1 calendar month" cancellation policy. I suffered neglect from this company, had to stop my bank order for this contract, and now had to apply for...
  8. S

    MTN- Keep away if you want service!

    MTN have got to be the worst bunch I have ever dealt with! I'm about to take them to ICASA over recurring subscriptions MONTHS after the cancellation of my contract... Read this, I posted it on hellopeter... >>My Complaint: I had an MTN data contract. I cancelled it at their canal walk...
  9. mojoman

    Vodacom email quarantine problems

    All of sudden my emails (being sent using Vodacom smtp) are now being quarantined with the message as below, anyone else having this issue? I love the line about 'collateral damage', the only damage being done is to my business as I cannot send out enquiries now and wasting time means losing...
  10. Rouxenator

    Surely this tyre can't be legal?

    Saw this in the parking lot at work, on a Mini Cooper belonging to our BA. Apparently she know her car needs new tyres but "its too expensive".
  11. Rouxenator

    Should I print this and mail it to the traffic department?

    I have seen this car around for a few months now and it has never had a front plate on. Should I mail these photos to the traffic department? Is there anything they can do about it?
  12. mercurial

    Jailbreaking and rooting could soon become illegal again, unless you act now

  13. jes

    Illegal online gambling is a growing problem in SA

    Illegal online gambling is a growing problem in SA Online gambling, which is illegal in South Africa, was on the increase in the country, the National Gambling Board (NGB) said on Wednesday.
  14. jes

    Broadlink/iBurst deny using spectrum illegally

    Broadlink/iBurst deny using spectrum illegally Broadlink says they are well within the law after rumours surfaced about illegal wireless links and spectrum usage
  15. jes

    Sentech appears to have cut an illegal deal to sell spectrum

    Sentech appears to have cut an illegal deal to sell spectrum Details have started to emerge of serious financial irregularities at Sentech, the state-owned signal distributor, under the agency's previous board. SA envoy benefits from illegal Sentech deal The cash-strapped state-owned...
  16. jes

    Online betting in South Africa - still legal according to Powerbet Gaming

    Online betting in South Africa - still legal according to Powerbet Gaming Powerbet Gaming argues that while there are no licensed online casinos legally operating in South Africa, they offer legal betting services online
  17. jes

    Online gambling illegal in South Africa rules High Court

    Online gambling illegal in South Africa rules High Court High court illegalises online gambling in South Africa – it’s ‘business as usual’ at Piggs Peak as they plan to appeal the decision
  18. T

    HELP Please !!! Illegally unlocked sim

    Hi all, please could you offer some advice to a newbie, I recently had my phone's sim card locked through Vodacom due to it being stolen in a violent attack. Smartcom, a service provider who my wife emailed for a quotation on a new phone unlocked the phones sim and didnt relock it. As a result...
  19. LazyLion

    Drive without a licence, says judge Every now and then, common sense comes in like a breath of fresh air. If you get pulled over and you can prove you have applied for a license you should be allowed to go. But if you cannot prove that you have...
  20. Rouxenator

    The problem with performance VWs....

    They just cannot hold on to their numberplates !