1. G

    Getting my Ipad 3/ HD / whatever this afternoon!

    If anybody sees a dude with a MASSIVE smile on his face when his dad-in-law arrives at the Airport from Germany this afternoon... that will be me and that will be my dad-in-law carrying my brand new Ipad3!:p
  2. jes

    iPad 3 with LTE: does it mean anything for SA?

    iPad 3 with LTE: does it mean anything for SA? Network operators explain whether or not the new iPad’s LTE features mean anything SA?
  3. Deep78

    where to get iPad1? online or retail?

    so i've bee searching online but with not much luck, trying to find an iPad 1 from a retail or online store. Are they still being sold? Can anyone point me to a store that still sells them?
  4. QuintonB

    Column: iPad > PCs

    iPad > PCs Apple sold more iPads last quarter than any computer manufacturer in the world sold PCs.
  5. hilton

    Adobe Photoshop Touch Now Available for iPad

    Mobile World Congress 2012 February 27, 2012 03:30 AM Eastern Time BARCELONA, Spain--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--At Mobile World Congress, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that Adobe® Photoshop® Touch is now available for iPad 2, via the iTunes App Store*. Adobe...
  6. Jan

    iPhone 4 personal hotspot disconnects and becomes undiscoverable from MacBook Pro

    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. A quick check at other forums (Apple, Whirlpool) indicates that others have a similar problem, but I'm wondering if other South Africans have the same issue. When I turn on the personal hotspot of an iPhone 4 (with a contract MTN SIM in it) on...
  7. M

    iPad not recognised in iTunes

    Arg. This is the first time I've experienced a schlep using iTunes. The iPad is not detected in iTunes (latest version The drivers installed, all the services are running as it should, but iTunes does not pick it up. Strangely enough, my laptop shows no USB plugged in either, which is...