1. D

    FFMPEG Video Encoding Settings for iOS/iPhone/iPad

    What is the recommended FFMPEG settings for encoding a video which can play on all apple devices, old and new. I would like the format to be in mp4 so that the video file is also compatible to android, windows (phone / pc) and linux. These are the current settings I have used and they do not...
  2. M

    ipad 10.2 inch (the latest one) 7th gen wifi 32gb space grey only R4999 - SOLD

    Item: ipad 7th gen 32gb wifi space grey Age: 1 day Price: 4999 (1k cheaper than istore) Warranty: remainder of 1 year apple warranty Packaging: yes, complete Condition: excellent Location: pretoria east Reason: prefer android Shipping: add R99 Collection: preferred Link: takealot.com (space...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Apple unveils 7th-generation iPad

    Apple unveils 7th-generation iPad Apple has revealed a new 7th-generation 10.2-inch iPad which boasts a bigger display and improved features compared to previous-generation devices. The device is powered by Apple's A10 Fusion chip and includes a smart connector for an optional full-size...
  4. under_sky

    iPad Pro New one USA->RSA

    Would like to buy a iPad Pro the new from from the USA would it work on the RSA network as I believe it still uses a nanosim plus the esim, stand to be correct please if anyone can provide feedback it would be appreciated Regards
  5. Jamie McKane

    5 reasons why the iPad Pro should be your next computer

    5 reasons why the iPad Pro should be your next computer Apple has released a video outlining why it believes that the new iPad Pro can replace customers' traditional computers. One of the reasons outlined in the video is that it is "more powerful than most computers", before showing it being...
  6. Jamie McKane

    Do you own an iPad?

    Do you have an iPad? What do you use it for?
  7. U

    iPad Pro 256GB WiFi

    Item: iPad Pro 10.5 inch 256GB WiFi - Official Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil included. Age: 1 Year Price: R10000 Warranty: Yes - Remainder of iCare + from iStore Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent Condition - Looks brand new Location: Musgrave, Durban Reason: Not used frequently Shipping: No...
  8. Jamie McKane

    Apple to launch new low-cost iPads

    Apple to launch new low-cost iPads Apple is preparing to introduce new low-cost iPads and education software next week. [Bloomberg]
  9. Jamie McKane

    Do you own an iPad?

    Do you own an Apple iPad? Which model do you have?
  10. M

    Help to set up Axxess card on an iPad

    I received an Axxess SIM card recently to set up on my iPad. Attracted by their low data rates. However, I’ve since discovered just how hopeless their customer service is. 5-6 emails, no response, I’ve waited for ages for technical ‘support’ to answer the phone, then eventually I’ve just hung up...
  11. D

    Afrihost/MTN Refusing to blacklist stolen device

    My iPad Air 2 Wifi & Data was stolen in the first week of December last year. I have been trying to have it blacklisted for two months but Afrihost has constantly made excuses for not doing it. Now Afrihost has stopped responding to my emails altogether (for the last week). In the last two...
  12. W

    New Ipad Pro 2017 - 12.9" 512gb Wifi + Cellular [S]

    [SOLD] New Ipad Pro 2017 - 12.9" 512gb Wifi + Cellular [S] Item : New Ipad Pro 2017 - 12.9" 512gb Wifi + Cellular Model : MPLJ2X/A Colour : Space Grey Age : Brand new still sealed Condition : Excellent (still sealed) Packaging : Original Price : R17000 new Price R20499 Prefered...
  13. J

    Cast from IPad to Google Chrome

    Hi, Is there any way that I can cast DSTV from my Ipad to a Google Chromecast (which is obviously connected to a TV)? I have downloaded the DSTV App but I do not see a cast option. I also downloaded the TV Cast App (from the App store) but if I try to play something from DSTV I get the...
  14. W

    iPad 5 - 32GB WiFi + Cellular [S]

    For Sale Item: Apple iPad (5th Gen) WiFi + Cellular Model: A1823 Color: Black/Grey iOS version: 11 Condition: Excellent Packaging included: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Son needs a drum set and I need earplugs :) Price: R5000 Negotiable: No Location: Pretoria East Shipping or...
  15. T

    iPad Docking Station

    Hi there, I am looking for an iPad mini docking station, one that lets you charge the iPad, connect USB, etc. Do you know if there is anything out there like this? I have looked on Takealot but there is nothing really.
  16. bruinou

    iPad Mini 3 WiFi/Sim 16GB Rose-gold

    Item name (be very descriptive): iPad Mini 3 WiFi/Sim 16GB Rose-gold (new in box) Age and condition: 1 week (never been used) Do you include packaging: Yes (everything is in the box) Warranty: Not sure (won it, you'll have to confirm with Apple) Reason for selling: I won it, but already have...
  17. Jamie McKane

    New 9.7-inch iPad – Price and launch date for South Africa

    New 9.7-inch iPad – Price and launch date for South Africa iStore South Africa will launch the new 9.7-inch iPad this week at the “most affordable price ever”.
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    iPad 10.5-inch unveiling moved – Report

    iPad 10.5-inch unveiling moved – Report Production of a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro has been moved to March, up from a previous timetable set for May/June, DigiTimes reported.
  19. F

    Samsung Smart TV & Amazon Prime Video

    Hi guys! I've got a bit of a problem, and wondering if anyone else experienced this as well. I have a Samsung Smart TV 40" H5303. Yeah it's a couple of years old but still works relatively fine. I've got Netflix and Plex installed and both work fine. The trouble started when Amazon Prime...
  20. A

    32GB White iPad Air 2 (WiFi+Cell)

    Item name (be very descriptive): 32GB Silver iPad Air 2 (WiFi+Cell) Age and condition: Brand new sealed Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: 1 Year Reason for selling: Need the money Price: 7500 Negotiable: No Location: Durban (weekdays only) Shipping or collection: Collection preferred...