1. Kevin Lancaster

    iPad price cuts for South Africa

    iPad price cuts for South Africa Core Group has announced a reduction in the recommended retail price of the iPad
  2. V

    iPad Mini parts DIY kit Where to buy

    Hi all Im looking for a retailer of ipad/phone parts. My mother recently smashed her ipad mini screen/digitiser. I want to fix it for her but I have no idea where i can get genuine parts for apple products Thinking of starting a business fixing screens and so on. Thank you :wtf::wtf:
  3. QuintonB

    Apple iPad Mini 3 announced

    Apple reveals iPad mini 3 Apple has revealed the newest version of its iPad mini – the iPad mini 3
  4. QuintonB

    This week's tech and gadget specials

    Insane Samsung deals and other tech specials This weekend there are many promotions on tech products, including gaming monitors, TVs, tablets and more
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple announces new iPad launch date

    Apple announces new iPad launch date Apple Inc plans to hold a “special event” on Oct. 16, where it is expected to launch its new iPads, technology website Re/Code said
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple vs Samsung: South African tablet war

    South African tablet war: Apple vs Samsung Statistics from Vodacom reveal the most used tablets in South Africa, which boils down to a battle between Apple and Samsung
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple to launch new iPads in October: report

    Apple to launch new iPads in October: report Apple Inc is set to launch two new iPads and release the next version of its Mac operating system at its next event on Oct. 21, a Daily Dot report said, citing sources familiar with the matter
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    This week's great tech and gadget deals - 12 September 2014

    Vodacom sale and other great tech deals South Africans can save money on tech products and gadgets from Kalahari, HiFi Corp, Vodacom, and other stores
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    iPhone, iPad user figures surprise in SA

    Apple iPhone, iPad surprise in South Africa The latest smartphone and tablet statistics from Vodacom reveal something not seen before
  10. R

    Wall Sockets/plate with Built in USB

    Hi Guys, Ive been looking for a wall socket that has built in USB points for a while now and have been unable to source any. I'm looking for the socket which is actually built into the wall (Wall plate socket). I have looked everywhere I can think and have asked all the electrical shops...
  11. Voicy

    So which tablet should I get for my mom?

    Hi friends, So my mom says she wants a tablet with skype and solitaire. Yeah. Should I look at the MSI range (If so, which?) or what would be the better ones to look at. I'm looking at something slightly bigger than the ipad mini ... obviously not ipad price range...and an ok'ish front...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple to cough up for e-book price-fixing

    Apple to pay for e-book price-fixing Apple will pay up to $400 million to compensate consumers for illegal price-fixing conspiracy for electronic books
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple and IBM join forces for "business iPad"

    IBM and Apple to make “business iPad” Apple and IBM have unveiled a “landmark” partnership to win over business customers
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Nickel in iPad may cause allergic reaction

    iPad causes allergic reactions Nickel in a first-generation iPad may have triggered an allergic skin reaction
  15. J

    Where in South Africa can I get a Griffin MicConnect (in order to use external mic)

    http://store.griffintechnology.com/micconnect-mic-interface-ipad Istore has none. Takealot has one. Amazon dont wanna ship this to RSA Not paying R800 from the dbags at Wantitall
  16. jes

    Android vs Apple vs Windows vs BlackBerry in South Africa

    Android vs Apple vs Windows vs BlackBerry The latest Vodacom statistics reveals the winners in losers in the mobile device market in South Africa
  17. Jan

    Microsoft Office for iPad launched

    Office for iPad launched Microsoft has officially unveiled Office for iPad.
  18. mh348

    Buying an iPad Air on eBay

    Hi I'm looking to buy an iPad Air WiFi & Cellular on eBay. Anyone know which model number will work with South African Cellular networks ? I'm guessing I have to look for the unlocked version, but still unsure if it runs on the same cellular network that we use here.. I also looked at...
  19. jes

    Standard Bank launches new iPad, iPhone, Samsung deals

    Standard Bank’s new iPad, iPhone, Samsung deals Standard Bank’s is offering its clients a range of mobile device deals on contract or as a once-off payment