iphone 4s

  1. M

    SALE : iPhone 4s 16gb

    Item: iPhone 4s 16gb Black Age: about a year Warranty: nope Packaging: original box and all Condition: excellent, was always in a pouch with screen protector. The scratches and dirt on the pics are on the plastic screen protector, not on the phone. Charger cable got scratched few times when...
  2. TofuMofu

    iPhone 4s iOS8 and Wi-Fi issue

    Hi So a friend of mine updated his iOS to 8 and now 8.0.2 on his iPhone 4s. Now he has an issue where the WiFi icon is not selectable. It is grayed out as if not available. He's done everything from resetting the phone and network settings and rebooting the phone etc etc, but it still...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    iPhone trade-in from iStore: up to R5,000 cash back

    iPhone trade-in from iStore: up to R5,000 cash back iStore in South Africa has announced a trade-in promotion for existing iPhone owners
  4. S


    --Item name (be very descriptive):iPhone 4s 16gig --Age and condition:as new 2 months --Do you include packaging: Yes --Warranty: Yes with mtn --Reason for selling: Apple product are just not for me --Price: Looking to trade for an android phone of equivalent specs or a nexus 7 tab ...
  5. M

    Iphone 4s16G white new sealed

    Item: 2 X Apple iphone 4S White new, sealed2 Age: brand new, sealed Warranty: 1 year Packaging: new, sealed Condition: shining Location: Pretoria Reason: a friend has 2, gave to me to sell for him Shipping: I will prefer meet up or collection Collection: yes, am or pm is ok Price...
  6. jes

    iPhone 5s launch date, iPhone 4s prices slashed

    iPhone 5s launch date, iPhone 4s prices slashed MTN has confirmed its launch date for the iPhone 5s and 5c
  7. jes

    Apple apologises to Chinese consumers and revises service

    Apple apologises to Chinese consumers and revises service Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook apologized to Chinese consumers and altered iPhone warranty policies after more than two weeks of condemnation in the state-run media of its after-sales service.
  8. O

    Smartphone data usage on idle mode.

    Hi Everyone I have been browsing through the threads for a similar question to mine regarding data usage of smartphone on idle mode,I am torn between Nokia lumnia 920,Samsung note 2 and Iphone 4s,I know Iphone 5 ;-) What I'd like to know is how much data this phones consumes on idle mode...
  9. SmellyCelly

    iPhone on Vodacom Insurance - to claim or wait?

    Hi all I bought an iPhone 4s in Jan 2012. It's insured with Vodacom's insurance. There is now a crack on the the screen. Also, the volume button does not work. As far as I know, with the insurance, they don't 'fix' it, they just replace the phone. Now, what I want to know is this. If I...
  10. casspir

    Apple Composite AV Cable and iPad

    On the Apple support pages a poster mentioned problems with the composite cable. He mentioned iOS6 and iPhone 4S. Is anyone using the composite cable on either an iPhone or iPad and are you experiencing any problems with video or sound. I urgently need feedback because I am preparing...
  11. B

    Unlocking US iPhone 4s to work in SA on Vodacom

    Hi A friend of mine has a iPhone 4s which I want to buy. The phone was baught in the US on AT&T and as far as we know the phone won't work on SA networks because of AT&T locking it. I firstly want to find out if this is true and if so, how can I unlock it to work on Vodacom? I understand...
  12. C

    Iphone4s / Ios6 / Vodacom data ghost usage

    Hi I upgraded my girlfriends Iphone 4s to Ios6 when it came out last month and since vodacom is claiming we are churning through data. She's a light user and never has used up her 500mb of data per month, however already this month we have received an SMS saying 200mb of the 500mb this month...
  13. J

    Jimmy Kimmel tests if citizens can distinguish between iPhones

    iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5 – what’s the difference? Talk show host trolls LA citizens with an iPhone 4S
  14. jes

    iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 pricing comparison

    iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 pricing comparison Superphone contract pricing showdown
  15. jes

    iPhone Smart plans vs iPhone Straight Up

    iPhone Smart plans vs iPhone Straight Up We put Cell C’s new iPhone deals up against Vodacom’s to find out who has the best deal
  16. D

    Vodacom - new contract, broken phone

    I bought an iphone at the end of Feb 2012. The phone broke after 2months: Message alert tone came through 2 or 3 times for 1 message, touch screen stopped working and eventually the screen went white. Took it back to Vodacom to exchange and because of their policy to send it back for repairs I...
  17. K

    Vodacom Iphone4s Promotion

    I have some idio -acracy to share with you. If a new customer opens a Talk 1000 with Vodacom, she receive a free Iphone 4s. If an existing customer would like to change their contract to a more expensive one; ie Talk 1000 the same promotion does not apply. Now, If said consumer ( the one who...
  18. D

    SMS Delivery Notifications

    Hi Has anyone worked out yet how to get delivery notifications on the 4S for vodacom. What is the prefix to use?? Cheers D
  19. M

    Security bug in iOS lets apps secretly access your photos

  20. M

    Apple required to give $15 or Bumper case to iPhone 4 buyers