1. QuintonB

    Vodacom App Store's top apps

    Most popular apps on Vodacom app store Vodacom’s app store has been running for two years, offering a range of apps aimed at feature phone and smartphone customers
  2. NeonNinja

    Top sites: Programming languages used

    1. Google – Java (Web), – C++ (indexing) 2. Facebook – PHP 3. YouTube- Flash, Python, Java 4. Yahoo– PHP and Java 5. Microsoft– .NET 6. Wikipedia – PHP 7. Blogger – Java 8. MSN – .NET 9. Twitter – Ruby on Rails, Scala, Java
  3. V

    Employment with Oracle and Microsoft certifications.

    Greetings, Is it possible to get employment with just Oracle Certificates (java and databases ) and a few Microsoft certifications. I doing my Bsc, but its a bit costly so i'm looking for ways to fund it by working along desired paths in the IT industry through acquiring relevant certifications.
  4. jes

    Oracle fixes 42 holes in Java to revive security confidence

    Oracle fixes 42 holes in Java to revive security confidence Oracle has released a major security update for Java in Web browsers to make it a less popular target for hackers
  5. S

    Advice on Programming Strategy for Scraper

    Hi, I am looking to write a internet scraper, and have considered the following languages: Python C++ Java The scraper will need to: - Retrieve HTML code from a page - Select a link, name and description from a section of the page - Ask for user confirmation (non gui - maybe gui...
  6. jes

    Mxit 6.3.0 launched for J2ME

    Mxit 6.3.0 launched for J2ME Mxit has released version 6.3.0 of its Java (J2ME) app for download on feature phones.
  7. C

    Java Image Processing Query

    Hi Everyone I've just recently started my honours degree and I'm new to both Image Processing and Image Processing in Java. I'm writing a program that so far, just opens an image, and obtains an array of integers representing the RED, GREEN, BLUE, and ALPHA values - so far I managed to obtain...
  8. NeonNinja

    Top 5 programming languages in 2018?

    What's the trend? In 5 years time what will be the top 5 relevant programming languages? In these arena's: Desktop (Windows) Mobile Web Cross-platform Database and query
  9. jes

    Firefox plans to block Java, Silverlight, Adobe Reader

    Firefox plans to block Java, Silverlight, Adobe Reader In a drive to increase security, Mozilla will begin blocking plugins
  10. B

    FNB Deal Macbook Pro vs Macbook Air

    I've been a Windows and Linux user for as long as I've used computers. I'm currently a software engineer who programs mostly in Java, but also like to mess around in C++ and Python and recently, Android development. I'm considering trying out a Mac as I've heard great things about the...
  11. jes

    Oracle updates Java but security exploits remain: experts

    Oracle updates Java but security exploits remain: experts Oracle released an emergency update to its Java software but security experts said the update fails to protect PCs from hackers
  12. X

    Programming within a game

    Hey guys, this is my first post. My friend and I are coding a game in java(dont want to get into too much detail) one of our ideas are adding a terminal in the game and letting the player program(this is happening while playing). Is it possible to do this in java if so how would we do this and...
  13. QuintonB

    Apple drops Java due to security issue

    Apple drops pre-loaded Java Apple Inc is removing old versions of Oracle Corp’s Java software from Internet browsers on the computers of its customers when they install the latest update to its Mac operating system.
  14. J

    PC hacking vulnerability in Java fixed

    Oracle fixes critical Java security flaw Oracle has released an update to fix a flaw in Java’s security, which allowed PC hackers to deploy malware through the software
  15. A

    Securing (against reverse engineering) a J2EE Application

    Hi Guys, Anyone had to secure/encrypt/obfuscate a Java enterprise application (.ejb, .war, .ear) application before? Is it even possible? :confused: Thanks..
  16. jes

    Windows Azure confirmed for South Africa

    Windows Azure confirmed for South Africa Microsoft announced that its cloud computing platform would become available in SA and 47 other countries
  17. S

    Python Programmng

    Hi all. I've been slowly teaching myself a variety of computer languages, but enjoy Python the most. I'm still a noob, but enjoy the learning. I'm also seriously thinking about a career change, maybe not now, but perhaps in a year or two (I'm in no hurry). Would Python be a good language to...
  18. M

    Android development IDE

    I've been using Eclipse, as I am learning Android development, but I've heard of other, better IDEs. IntelliJ comes to mind. Are there any other IDEs that are good for Android development? I am coding with Java (haven't touched C# in years). I've heard of Netbeans as well. Are there any others?
  19. D

    Instructor led Java course

    I have been a PHP dev for about 4 years now and would like to jump ship over to Java. I have been reading a couple of books, and going through some tutorials but would benefit from a good instructor led course to speed up my progress. I am in Cape Town, any suggestions? thoughts?