1. J

    Samsung and Google show-off new Chromebook laptop

    Google, Samsung ready low-cost Chromebook Google and Samsung are preparing to enter their low-priced Chromebook laptop into the market
  2. T

    No sound over HDMI

    I want to connect my Laptop (Lenovo Y570) to my Sony Amp (STR-DA2400ES) using the HDMI port on my Laptop. I use a PC monitor as a "TV" which is connected using the HDMI OUT of the amp and a DVI-plug to convert HDMI signal to DVI. Before I bought a new HDMI cable solely for this purpose, I...
  3. J

    Depreciation on laptops

    Does anyone know what the depreciation on laptops is? An example: James joins a Company and receives a laptop. The Company bought the laptop for R10,000. After 2 years James is leaving and is offering the option of buying the laptop. What is a fair price for James to pay?
  4. NomNom

    Remote Control Laptop

    So I Am getting a new hard drive for this laptop I have with me, it's screen is busted but I want to use it as a download server instead of my Pc during the mornings. What program would you recommend me to install to remote control the laptop via Lan with my Pc? VNC?
  5. J

    Samsung Laptop battery not charging

    Hi Guys, I've googled this with no success. I have a Samsung R519 Laptop, about 4 years old. Recently the battery hasn't been charging pass 40% and the charging time is insanely long. Something else weird happens, the charging light blinks at times instead of staying one colour (orange)...
  6. S

    Consumer Help

    I need a little advice, I recently bought 2 laptops from Esquire for R6999, literally the next day they sent out specials listing the same laptops at R5699, F************************DGE. The thing is the special was for JHB and CT only, and im in Durban, still I feel a little bum saw. Is...
  7. NomNom

    Mac OS On Laptop?

    Is it even possible to do this, if so does anyone have a link to a guide for me please?
  8. NomNom

    Worth it?

    So I have this laptop with me, problem is it's screen is broken and it needs a hard drive.. Product Page: Screen broken, will cost R1400 to have replaced Needs hard drive...
  9. D

    Incredible Connection sold me a laptop with someones files on it

    so I bought a "new" laptop from incredible connection, after the employee retrieved one out of storage/backroom w/e it's called and I took it home. Upon first boot up I got the windows setup wizard, as in the OS was not already installed and after about 10 minutes of messing around it I noticed...
  10. S

    All fees involved buying laptop off ebay?

    I noticed that there are multiple threads regarding buying products off ebay, but what are all the fees involved when buying a laptop from ebay.. are my calculations correct? Laptop price including shipping using USPS = $1510 * 7.6 = R11476 * 1.14% VAT + (+- R200 clearance fee) == R13282 in total?
  11. V

    Samsung Notebooks

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know any good retailer(s) that sell Samsung notebooks (Laptops)? I looked at Makro, incredible corruption and Games, Laptop Direct, Digital planet. Thanks :)
  12. T

    Xbox 360 internet connection help.

    Hi, I am having trouble connecting my xbox to the internet. I have a xbox 360 s that I am trying to connect though my laptop (windows 7 ultimate, built-in wireless) with a Iburst USB modem. I get the xbox to connect to media center and i can stream and watch vids and music, but it cannot pick up...
  13. F Great Laptop Prices & Review

    Hey guys I just wanted to throw in a quick word about They have an awesome feature where you can actually build your own laptop and it's so much cheaper!! Check it out (scroll down to bottom of this search page)...
  14. S

    Help me choose a new R15k+ laptop

    Hey guys. I'm looking to replace my current laptop, and need some suggestions/advice. Company will be paying :) Budget is R15k-20k. Here are my requirements: - Core i7 quad core CPU - At least 6-8GB RAM - 1-2GB dedicated GPU - 15.6" LED display at Full HD resolution (1920x1080) -...
  15. C

    Cheapest 8GB Ram laptop?

    Hi all, I did not want to hijack the other thread but does anyone know of any specials on laptops with 8gb of ram? Does not have to be a special, I mean cheap :D Will be used as a DEV machine. Must have on-site warranty. Edit: Looking at around R10k TIA
  16. M

    How to setup external graphics for a notebook?

    Hello, I want to know what components do I need to setup external graphics for my notebook. I have a Dell XPS L502X and it has an eSATA port on it (I heard you need eSATA for external graphics). What do I need to get external graphics set up and how? Please leave as many links as...
  17. S

    Wireless on Billion 400G

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and a total noob when it comes to Internet related matters. I have a Billion 400G ADSL Router connected to my desktop PC at home. I would like to use the "wireless" feature to also access internet on my laptop at home. Problem is, I haven't the...
  18. homeboy

    classifieds- how safe is it?

    if buy something in mybroadband classifieds how safe is it? i bought a laptop from veyron aka AJ Nel in the classifieds up now haven`t recieved the laptop or my money back. it looks to me he scam another person with the same laptop. i`m going the police to open a case of theft or fraud. do...
  19. G

    Windows 7 Recovery Disk

    I just bought a new laptop, and it has a separate partition with the Windows 7 installation disk (like most laptops these days). I want to format the entire HDD. Is there a way to backup the installation disk on a DVD, so that when I install it again, it isn't seen as a pirated version by Microsoft?
  20. G

    External screen display shows and then disappears

    I have been happily working for the last month or so with an external HP screen which is connected to my HP Elitebook 8560p. This all in the interests of my posture and my attempts to avoid the MyBB neanderthal look that comes from hunching over a tiny laptop screen (