1. F Great Laptop Prices & Review

    Hey guys I just wanted to throw in a quick word about They have an awesome feature where you can actually build your own laptop and it's so much cheaper!! Check it out (scroll down to bottom of this search page)...
  2. S

    Help me choose a new R15k+ laptop

    Hey guys. I'm looking to replace my current laptop, and need some suggestions/advice. Company will be paying :) Budget is R15k-20k. Here are my requirements: - Core i7 quad core CPU - At least 6-8GB RAM - 1-2GB dedicated GPU - 15.6" LED display at Full HD resolution (1920x1080) -...
  3. C

    Cheapest 8GB Ram laptop?

    Hi all, I did not want to hijack the other thread but does anyone know of any specials on laptops with 8gb of ram? Does not have to be a special, I mean cheap :D Will be used as a DEV machine. Must have on-site warranty. Edit: Looking at around R10k TIA
  4. M

    How to setup external graphics for a notebook?

    Hello, I want to know what components do I need to setup external graphics for my notebook. I have a Dell XPS L502X and it has an eSATA port on it (I heard you need eSATA for external graphics). What do I need to get external graphics set up and how? Please leave as many links as...
  5. S

    Wireless on Billion 400G

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and a total noob when it comes to Internet related matters. I have a Billion 400G ADSL Router connected to my desktop PC at home. I would like to use the "wireless" feature to also access internet on my laptop at home. Problem is, I haven't the...
  6. homeboy

    classifieds- how safe is it?

    if buy something in mybroadband classifieds how safe is it? i bought a laptop from veyron aka AJ Nel in the classifieds up now haven`t recieved the laptop or my money back. it looks to me he scam another person with the same laptop. i`m going the police to open a case of theft or fraud. do...
  7. G

    Windows 7 Recovery Disk

    I just bought a new laptop, and it has a separate partition with the Windows 7 installation disk (like most laptops these days). I want to format the entire HDD. Is there a way to backup the installation disk on a DVD, so that when I install it again, it isn't seen as a pirated version by Microsoft?
  8. G

    External screen display shows and then disappears

    I have been happily working for the last month or so with an external HP screen which is connected to my HP Elitebook 8560p. This all in the interests of my posture and my attempts to avoid the MyBB neanderthal look that comes from hunching over a tiny laptop screen (
  9. S

    Latest Impulse Buys

    TurtleBeach Earforce x41's Xbox 360s 250GB (game on) Mecer P170HM Beasty Laptop Retail therapy complete!
  10. S


    Hi Everyone Does anybody have an idea of where i can find a working second-hand motherboard for a Packard Bell V7411 laptop? Thanks
  11. McT

    Laptop Backpack

    Any advice here will be valued. I have an HP ProBook 6540b (it's a 15.6" iirc) and I need to replace my existing backpack. It's worn out, right strap is 'on its last legs' and looks shabby. I have a preference to a backpack, as I find it convenient to carry around and I can get more into it...
  12. A

    DELL XPS17-2720 LAPTOP - thinking of buying

    Hello guys...anyone has seen/worked/owned this ? Hows the performance.....Price R16,000+ any other alternative in the same price range? XPS 17, Silver, Intel Core i7-2720QM processor (2.20 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.30 GHz), 6144MB (1x2048 + 1x4096) 1333MHz DDR3, 1TB (2x500GB)...
  13. Z

    Laptop Automatically goes on Standby

    Hey guys, I have a Samsung R519 laptop running Vista Home. Each time i try to use the laptop it just goes to standby on its own. Before it would give the " Blue screen of Death" until I did a reg clean. Now each time I try to do something it either restarts itself or goes to standby. Thanks.
  14. V

    Best Budget Laptop (<= R4000)

    Hi guys.Whats the best budget laptop (<=R4000) available in SA.Looking for decent processer(at least 2ghz), atleast 2gb RAM, Good display and above average battery life.Any thoughts please?
  15. C

    can sombody explain to me the diff between i3 and i5

    Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the differences between a laptop running on a i3 and one running on a i5? Thank you :D
  16. M

    No sound after I lock PC

    This laptop is driving me insane. Whenever I lock it (using ctrl+alt+del) and then log back in, the sound is gone :mad: This seems to only affect the headphones. If I want to watch or listen to something, it will play normally through the speakers but not the headphones after I've logged back in...
  17. A

    Dell Charger Question

    My charger for my dell laptop got busted. The wires that connects to the plug to the laptop got pulled thus breaking the soldered connection. Tried fixing it but now my laptop only works while plugged in and does not charge. Is it true that Dell laptops and chargers only work with each...
  18. Z

    Advice Needed.

    I have bought a second hand laptop from “family member” last year September. In October last year the laptop broke and I took it back to him asking for it to be repaired, h then took it for repairs and then said that it should take two weeks later to be fixed. Two weeks later I then contact him...
  19. S

    Dell Laptop Specials!!

    Dell Laptop Specials?? Anyone out there know of any sales?
  20. stroebs

    Another victory for the frying fanatics

    A while ago I started a thread about reflowing a MSI nVidia 8800GTX graphics card amongst others in order to repair them as such. There were artefacts being shown on the screen and the system didn't start up because of this. There were also various other problems. I recently came across a HP...