1. Kevin Lancaster

    2TB SSD and LTE hotspot in a small waterproof cube

    2TB SSD and LTE hotspot in a small waterproof cube Fasetto has unveiled the LINK, which combines the capabilities of an LTE hotspot with the storage of a NAS in a pocket-sized, waterproof device.
  2. C

    TV Link eye trouble - tv 2

    Good day, We have a SD PVR and currently I use tv 2. I have a tv link eye and it always worked perfectly and I could watch tv and change channels freely. It then stopped working and did not pick up the remote anymore. I then thought the eye is faulty and bought a new one. However, the problem...
  3. S

    22Seven & Capitec: Can't Link Account

    Hi guys, so I recently moved to Capitec. I want to start using 22Seven to automate my expense tracking. So I've added my username and password to the 22Seven website, but it says that my account could not update. It shows my balance as R0.00, but I have a bit of money in the account...
  4. A

    Samsung rewards

    Pretty smart. Samsung is giving away TV's, sound systems, phone covers and a few other cool stuff to Samsung smart phone owners. Download Samsung rewards via the app store. Add me and we both earn: Link to me on Samsung Rewards and earn a starting bonus. <deleted by="ic" reason="spam"/>
  5. S

    Wireless experts - I need a 700m 300mbps point-to-point link

    There are 2 buildings that are about 700m apart, each with its own internal network, that need to be connected. The plan is to merge the 2 networks into 1. There is a clear line of site between the buildings. I need a very fast wireless connection between the buildings. At this stage, fibre...
  6. LazyLion

    International Down?

    on Afrihost?
  7. jes

    How will MWEB's peering link cuts effect you?

    How will MWEB's peering link cuts effect you? MWEB has now cut all paid peering links to local service providers. This is how you will be impacted.