local bandwidth

  1. R

    What happened to local only bandwidth?

    I logged on to an old Webafrica account to purchase some local only bandwidth, only to find that there is no more such option. Only the more expensive, regular (international) bandwidth packages and top-ups remain. Does anyone know of an ISP where I can purchase some local only bandwidth...
  2. G

    Reddit and Facebook on local?

    A while back the international interwebz on Afrihost was down because of some undersea cable "repair" work. But even though I couldn't even connect to Google I still managed to connect to Reddit and Facebook and there was almost no performance issues. Now as far as I know those 2 companies don't...
  3. NomNom

    New Local Open Torrent Site!

    Hey all zee.za.net is back under a new name called Diginova!! :) The foundations upon which zee.za.net was built stays. This site will never become an invite-only tracker. So come and join us at http://torrent.diginova.co.za/index.php :D
  4. W

    Top Gear and Local Only

    I know the Top Gear website is mirrored within South-Africa, but is all the content as well? I am struggling to watch videos, and with struggling I mean I can't watch it at all!
  5. M

    Local Usage

    Hi I was just wondering if I play TF2 on SAIX, does it use local or international bandwidth? I use Telkoms DO 3 plan. Thanks
  6. R

    Telkom drops local ADSL pricing

    Telkom drops local ADSL pricing Telkom cuts the price of its local ADSL bandwidth by over 40%
  7. K

    "Quick" VPN setup for LOCAL only

    Heya Guys! I'm looking for an alternative to something like Hamachi, but I want to be able to enter the connecting IP's manually. The reason for this is Hamachi requires intl to work, and Windows VPN is giving me problems since quite a few apps, i.e games don't want to work, and I've been...
  8. A

    Local distributed squid cluster

    Here is the idea.... Everyone willing to participate, opens up their squid for cache queries (on local bandwidth), not allowing requests to be forwarded. Not sure about the terminology... but (I think) you configure the other caches as peers and not parents/children. When you browse, your cache...
  9. S

    Running OpenBrowse and routesentry simultaneously.

    I would like to find out if it is possible to run both OpenBrowse and route sentry simultaneously.In other words what I would like to do is buy a 20gig openweb local account and use that with my international cap with route sentry.I would then only use the international cap for international...
  10. J

    international and local ADSL accounts using PPPoE on mac

    Is there any software for mac that will split your local and international bandwidth? Something simular to Route Sentry "Route Sentry is specially designed for South Africans who want to make use of 2 ADSL accounts on the same PC at the same time, with the one account being used for local...
  11. Nod

    80% speed boost for P2P downloads

    Source: Ars Technica This could be a very good thing if our local ISP's implemented something like this.
  12. H

    IS Semi-shaped resellers

    Who sells semi-shaped packages that gives you local access after you have reached your cap? Looked at openweb but they work on "pay now and activate later" and axxess does not offer after cap "local only" Thanks guys
  13. F

    Which ISP for local-only

    I am doing web development for local sites but am tired of having to download and upload gigs of data to local sites via my international account. I need a local account that allows smtp access. Which ISP does something like this? I am not really familiar with all the ISPs out there and their...
  14. B

    Splitting International and Local Bandwidth with IPcop

    Hey Everyone. (Latest Version) I managed to get my IPcop firewall to split traffic between International and Local. I was all ways jealous of those who used routesentry :) but I was not prepared to do away with my IPcop and didnt want to create PPPoE connections on the PC's, and know there...