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  1. A

    Xiaomi Mi TV Box S Media Player (Google Certified | DSTV Now & Netflix)

    Item name : Xiaomi Mi TV Box S Media Player (Google Certified | DSTV Now & Netflix) + Remote cover Age and condition: Brand new (opened for photos) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: I am using my Xbox as the media box Price: R950 Negotiable: Slightly Location: JHB /...
  2. D

    DSTV PVR re-programme

    Has anyone ever tried using a DSTV decoder to re-programme as a media player? Is it even possible to load another OS?? surely it's just a box with HDD, so should be able to with correct tools.
  3. J

    TV Media Player

    Hi Guys, Wondering if any of you could advise me. So, i'm looking for a TV Media Player that has all the fav apps like NEtflix, showmax, amazon etc etc... but specifically with a built in browser. This media player is a gift for my dad, who watches live TV from Belgium through his...
  4. M

    Roku 3 Repairs

    Good day. Does anybody know where one can send a faulty ROKU 3 unit for repairs? I'm based in Durban but don't mind posting it nationally to be repaired. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks :D
  5. B

    VLC and High Resolution Content Problem

    Hi all! Does anyone else's VLC not play high resolution content properly? I have the latest version, and yet when I try to play 4k or 8k content (basically anything over 1080p), I get stuttering, and what looks like this: VLC Image. This is the same scene, played in MPC-HC, which works...
  6. O

    Android Media Player (transfer files to External HDD)

    I had a WD Live player with my HDD attached to it (and connected to my router). With this setup I was always able to see my HDD from my phone using ES Explorer so that I can copy files directly from my phone to my HDD and visa versa) I recently bought an Android 5.0.1 Media Player and cannot...
  7. V

    Western digital media player- copying between USBs

    had a small issue writing from one usb to the other- gave me the error= write fail- check source destination- the usb with the original files is new but had alot of the space taken up- does this affect the performance? it also has alot of xml files and t files- which i am going to delete and...
  8. D

    6 Reasons why VLC is Boss

    No I.T degree, but as a person who uses computers day to day. Without doubt VLC is the best media player of all time. Here's why : 1. The GUI is simple to use and not consumed by fancy graphics. This basic GUI has been used for what seems like forever. When a media player upgrades to fancy...
  9. Rouxenator

    [S]Android Media player TV box (4K, HDMI, Gbe, 4G RAM, 32GB flash, H265, Kodi)

    Item name: HPH NT-V6B Android media player streamer TV box Description: CPU: RK3288 28nm Cortex-A17 Quad core GPU: Quad-Core Mali-T764 3D GPU Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0,OpenVG1.1,OpenCL1.1 and Renderscript, Directx11.2D GPU ,4K x 2K output RAM: DDRIII 4G RAM ROM Flash: 32G Storage Ethernet...
  10. E

    Roku 3 Media Player

    Item name: Roku 3 Age and condition: 13 months . Excellent condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R1300 Negotiable: Not really as it's already a good deal Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection: Prefer collection , Shipping your...
  11. ronz91

    Playing mp4 and mkv video on CRT tv

    Hey guys I am looking for the cheapest way to play mp4 and mkv video on a small CRT tv. I know some dvd players with usb ports can do this but is it good? Media players would be ideal but they are pricey. Thanks
  12. I

    FOR SALE : MX3 ( 1 GB ) & M8 ( 2 GB ) Android Media Player.

    Hi, I am selling my M8 & MX3 Android media players. Both of them were brought from AVSupply. The MX3 is like new and its hardly used. Got it from AVSupply as a replacement 3 weeks ago and only used it for few hours just to check. Item: M8 - 2GB Android Media Player. Age: 4 Months Warranty...
  13. L

    Best hardware setup for free TV streaming?

    Like many, I have had enough of DSTV. I want to get a STB/ Media Streamer/ MiniPC / Game Console or whatever that will do the following. (I am aware of the restrictions of our current poor internet services.) I am not interested in any of the "linked content" devices like Roku or others like...
  14. Ivan Leon

    Windows Media Player for Windows 8.1 - Playback Issue resolved

    After having one of the Windows Updates earlier in this year kill off Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1 (pre-Update 1, which will not install here for some unknown reason), which resulted in me reverting back to MediaMonkey, I tried every solution on the internet forums to try and get WMP to...
  15. P

    Which android media player hardware are you using for XBMC?

    Hello All, I'm looking to purchase a media player to run XBMC on, I was looking to purchase a quad core media player with 2GB RAM and ofcourse Android 4.4 as the base OS. Any suggestions beside DROID TV MXIII...
  16. O

    Mede8er V WD TV Live

    Does anyone have experience with both of these that can make a comparative recommendations
  17. N

    Amazon Fire TV [S]

    Item name: Amazon Fire tv streaming media player. Netflix, hulu, amazon, plex etc. Can use as XBMC streamer. Bluetooth remote including voice control. Age and condition: 1 mo. Basically new. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No (Imported) Reason for selling: No internet. Price: R1500 -...
  18. G

    Roku 2 Cracked

    Full details here:
  19. JvanD

    MyGica XBMC Linux Media Player - remote not working?

    Hi there, I bought the MyGica XBMC Linux Media Player ATV510B today and I was wondering if anyone else has a problem synchronizing the integrated keyboard / mouse remote to the player? I am unable to continue to the setup and have pushed numerous combinations as suggested in the manual to no...
  20. S

    MyGica ATV510B Media Player - Wireless Connectivity issues

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these devices' wi-fi woes? I'm struggling to get it to connect via wi-fi and the access point reports that it is connected to but the device is not happy. Have played back 1080p videos from USB HDD no...