1. J

    Mercedes GLE MBUX Updates

    I got a 2019 GLE Mercedes several months ago and looking online I can see that Mercedes intends to continuously update the mbux software, however every time I checked it simply states no update available, but doesn't seem to even check if anything is available. AFAIK, Mercedes uses a mobile...
  2. J

    Mercedes delays electric vehicle launch

    Mercedes delays electric vehicle launch Mercedes-Benz is putting off the U.S. debut of its first electric vehicle by a year in the latest sign of just how difficult a time automakers are having replicating Tesla Inc.’s success. Daimler AG’s luxury brand will start sales of the EQC crossover in...
  3. L

    Is this kind of corrosion on the engine acceptable on a brand new Mercedes?

    I noticed these spots on the day I picked it up from the dealer. Is this normal for a brand new car? It turns into a white powder as soon as I touch them and there doesn't seem to be any pitting under the spots. The dealer says it's nothing to be concerned about and can be easily cleaned. Thanks.
  4. D

    Mercedes CLK500 No Sound from Radio

    Good Day Everyone, While driving home from work yesterday, my car's sound just died. Head unit and cd changer still powers on and works however there is no sound at all. I have already checked the fuses in the engine bay, in the dash as well as in the boot. I am dreading that it might...
  5. T

    Who offers best 'Trade Assists' deals on vehicles or does it depend on your car....

    Hiya, Hope all well. just asking as learning here :) So for example VW offers 50k trade assist on a new gti (correct me if i am wrong) but dont offer nada on the 'R' premium hatchback. Other dealers like bmw offer 'cashback' deals etc. Who or what or where is best if you want to...
  6. T

    2018 M2 Manual yay or nay ? for the purpose of resale perhaps in 10 years :p

    Hi All, Under consideration now I am looking into buying a M2 (manual) , The Blue one ;). Its prob gonna cost me about 950k and yes its a 2018. optional almost everything except for the Heated seats and Light Package but has most other options available including M-package and seat belts etc...
  7. Ivan Leon

    Daimler, VW face more recalls over emissions cheating - report

    German transport authorities will next week recall thousands more Daimler and Volkswagen vehicles, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Friday, as the massive emissions cheating scandal that has engulfed the sector for more than two years shows no sign of going away. VW in particular is still...
  8. J

    Mercedes to expand drone delivery system after 100 perfect flights

    Mercedes to expand drone delivery system after 100 perfect flights Mercedes-Benz's mini aircraft completed 100 drop-offs to strategically placed vans in Zurich with a perfect safety record, and more deliveries are planned for next year.
  9. D

    Mercedes Navigation DVD for Africa

    Good Day Everyone, I have recently acquired a 2007 Mercedes CLK500 Avantgarde. It did not come with the Navigation DVD. Is there any alternative option to get the OEM GPS working without spending R5000 at Mercedes for a DVD that cost about R10 to make? Thanks guys!
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Next Mercedes-Maybach is a R4.6-million beast

    Next Mercedes-Maybach is a R4.6-million beast The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet is an ultra-high-end convertible set to go on sale in 2017.
  11. D

    Estimated Rim repair prices

    Good Day Everyone, Can someone possibly please give me an indication of prices in JHB for getting an alloy wheel repaired. I bent two of mine as a result of a lovely nighttime drive through a Pothole on the N12 heading from Jet Park to Sandton. And now it feels as though I am driving a...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Stunning Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 unveiled

    Stunning Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 unveiled Mercedes has unveiled the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, which the company said is the “ultimate in luxury”.
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Dangerously-fast Mercedes EV to take on Tesla

    Dangerously-fast Mercedes EV to take on Tesla Mercedes-Benz plans to unveil a high-performance electric sedan at the Paris Motor Show in September.
  14. R

    Mercedes A200 service cost

    I know the likely response will be to phone a Mercedes dealer but I have found in the past that trying to get a good estimate from a motor dealer for a service is usually full of “and maybe you’ll need’ let alone the phone calls during the day to say they have discovered something else needed...
  15. D

    Pre-Owned Mercedes Buying Advice Needed

    Good Day Everyone, I currently have a W203 2004 Mercedes C180k with 110,000km on the clock and considering the age, the old girl has given me trouble free motoring since I bought her. Have only paid for a few small "irritations" and routine services. I am considering going for something...
  16. D

    Mercedes 350 vs 500

    Hi Everyone, As of late I have become quite interested in the bigger and sportier Mercedes Models incl the W219 CLS, R230 SL and C209 CLK. In which guise would these models be suitable for South African roads between the 350 and 500 variant? I currently own a W203 so would this be a big step...
  17. S

    Mini SUV under 300k

    Dear knowledgeable MyBB folk. We have been looking at a nice family car, does not have to be spacious, but must be Safe and Reliable (under 300k). My wife seems to be set on the new Vitara or 2nd hand B-class. My worry is on the reliability and resale of Suzuki - will Suzuki be around for the...
  18. Ivan Leon

    Mercedes dresses the G Wagon for success
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Inside the Mercedes Formula 1 pit garage – in photos

    Inside the Mercedes Formula 1 pit garage – in photos We take a behind-the-scenes look at the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team’s pit garage.
  20. D

    Importing an old Nokia From Abroad

    Good Day Everyone, My Mercedes is still using the old UHI cradle in the armrest for use with the vehicle's phone system. Pictured here: The specific cradle is only compatible with a Nokia 3120. I can't seem to find one in South Africa. Do you guys think that it will be a viable option...