1. hjst45

    Best MIFI router for all networks?

    I am looking for a decent MIFI router that is compatible with all LTE networks (MTN, Telkom and Rain) and has good battery life. I came across the Huawei E5885 which seems to have decent battery life compared to most others that have a battery capacity of less than 2000mAh. Any opinions or...
  2. Nobody Important

    Huawei HiLink app not accepting password

    I logged in to the page of my Huawei E5573 MiFi and changed the default login details from admin/admin to admin/"custom_password". I have also reset the SSID and password, and can connect to the mifi (E5573) just fine from both cellphone and laptop and use the Rain network. The...
  3. NeonNinja

    (S) Huawei E5372 LTE Mobile WiFi

    Item name : Huawei E5372 LTE Mobile WiFi Age and condition: About 5-6 months maybe. Missing back cover. Do you include packaging: No. Reason for selling: Have newer LTE wireless router, no need, just gathering dust. Price: R600 Negotiable: No. Location: Brakpan Shipping or collection: Colletion...
  4. NeonNinja

    Huawei E5573 LTE MiFi

    Item: Huawei E5573 Age: Couple months Warranty: With Telkom Condition: Virtually new. Got with Telkom 10GB deal, used 3 days. Packaging: Yes all Reason: Gathering dust, got 2 other MiFi's. Price: R650 Shipping: Own cost and risk Location: East London
  5. M

    mifi router with antenna

    Hey guys, I know there have been lots of questions about mifi routers. But I couldn't find anything that quite answered my question. I need a 4g wifi router for the worst possible situation. Its for my parents who are back in RSA. They have terrible signal. The mifi device needs to...
  6. O

    Cell C Lies To Customers To Convince Them To Extend Contracts

    Hi Forum, My accusations in this subject line should not be taken lightly. I received a phone call from a Cell C sales person on the fourth of August 2015 regarding my Giga20 data contract. It expired and was due for an upgrade. So this sales person weaved together a nice lie in order to...
  7. P

    MiFi devices vs entry level Android devices

    Salutations I've been looking around for a MiFi device recently & I was surprised at how most of them are priced. It's not like 600 bucks is a bad price for such a device but I've come across some entry level droids that are just as fast, HSPA+, & in some cases cost a bit less. Now, assuming...
  8. T

    MiFi Vodacom R206-z

    MiFi Vodacom R206-z WiFi Problems Good Day Gents I seem to be having problems with my mifi router. All of a sudden a cannot connect to it via wifi. I use to connect my work laptop & my samsung phone to it but i cannot connect anything to it. I tried my phone, a friends laptop & phone & my...
  9. J

    Afrihost MiFi Device [W]

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Afrihost MiFi Device Is packaging essential?: Yes Desired age and condition: Preferably less than 1 year Location: Alberton/ Auckland Park Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes
  10. G

    Afrihost Mifi Initial Setup

    Hey all! So I bought a new Mifi device from Afrihost which was delivered today. I did not take any contract with them and bought the device outright. But how do I set this thing up now? How do I get a data bundle on this thing? Thanks for the help!
  11. M

    Huawei E5331 - WIFI ROUTER

  12. A

    3G newbie questions

    Hi all, I'm new to 3G connections and just had a few questions: I am back from England and recently signed up for Afrihost ADSL. So far so good, apart from a few errant SMS, I was up and running swiftly and the speed seems good, so I am a happy customer. I travel fairly extensively for work...
  13. N

    MiFi faulty - cancelling Afrihost subscription and website site hosting

    Having received 2 MiFi devices one after the other that had as much noise as signal, I have cancelled my subscription. There was no attempt on Afrihost's part to fault-find my specific situation. They simply tested it (so they said) and returned it saying nothing wrong. My own fault-finding was...
  14. cemt

    Huawei E5331 APN

    Hi How do I change the APN settings to use on the VODACOM Network? And the ability to change it Back to Afrihost? Thanks in advance. :D
  15. K

    Mifi signal strengh and setup?? help?

    So after long week of waiting my E5331 and sim finally arrived. I have 2 questions: 1. How do I find a signal sweet spot in my flat (I've walked around the place and get nothing but red bars but the device is slow to react (I'm on OSX and wondering if there is a program like MDMA for mac?)...
  16. M

    Afrihost on a Vodacom mifi

    Hi guys! Okay, so I received my standard/micro sim card from Afrihost yesterday but I am having several issues. 1. I tried using it in a Vodacom Vodafone R201 MIFI modem and it is not working. The device connects and I eventually found where to change the APN settings but the internet is...
  17. J

    Skype on Afrihost MiFi

    Hi there, Can anyone help me out with the following? 1) How well does Skype video/voice calling work on Afrihost Mifi? 2) How data does video calling eat vs. how much data does just voice calling eat? Thanks!!
  18. S

    MiFi to Wireless Router

    Hi Guys does anyone know if this is even possible. I have a Telkom Mega 200 wireless router (renting so no ADSL) but I have a network setup PC, Xbox360, BlueRay Player and TV all wired to the device as a "hub" in a sense so everything can talk to each other and I can use DLNA from my Z10 to...
  19. NeonNinja

    MyBroadband + MiFi's count

  20. E

    MiFi 2532 mobile hotspot - how to connect?

    Hey, Ive got a MiFi 2532 Wifi Device (by Novotel Wireless) and wanna use it to connect to my iPad and PC. Ive set the APN info, and my iPad picks up the device in the Wifi settings, but i still cant connect. Vodacom say they cant help i just need to understand what settings i need to...