mobile data

  1. Nobody Important

    Restricting background updates etc

    Hello MyBroadband World! I have just purchased a 3G USB dongle from MTN for my sister to use when she is away from home (and uncapped wifi) and I would like to to know how to limit bandwidth use by apps in the background. Is there an app that can whitelist only certain apps (e.g. Chrome)...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Best and worst prepaid mobile data prices in SA

    Best and worst prepaid mobile data prices in South Africa Many Internet service providers have started offering mobile data in addition to ADSL accounts – here are the best prepaid and month-to-month data deals available.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    What 1GB of mobile data in South Africa can buy you elsewhere

    What 1GB of mobile data in SA can buy you elsewhere A Research ICT Africa report shows that you can get 2,800 minutes, 2,800 SMS messages, and 4GB of data in Namibia for the same price as only 1GB of mobile data in South Africa
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost ADSL, mobile top-up data rollover

    Afrihost ADSL, mobile top-up data rollover All Afrihost data top-ups will now rollover and be available for use in the month they were purchased in and the month thereafter
  5. N

    Which mobile data deal to go with?

    I've been checking online for the mobile data deals that are cheap. Now I'm looking for a mobile data deal that is at least 10GB. These are the top 3 so far that I've seen: Afrihost has a double data deal ( 5GB + 5GB) which you get if you sign up for Afrihost Plus I believe it would cost...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Unlimited US mobile data plans – what are they like?

    Unlimited US mobile data plans – what are they like? As a long-time buyer of these data plans, I’m well aware that unlimited doesn’t really mean unlimited
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Free mobile data with uncapped ADSL

    Free mobile data with premium uncapped ADSL OpenWeb announced that it is now offering up to 4GB free mobile data with its premium home uncapped ADSL packages
  8. K

    Afrihost vs Axxess.. Any chance rollover in future?

    So i see the Axxess data promo is still on going (extended in fact) and i'm tempted to move.. but its like more GB more for slightly less cost without Simfy.. But here's the thing.. if Afrihost had rollover i'd stick it out.. but they don't. Any chance this will change in the near future...
  9. Jan

    Smartphone, tablet data use on mobile versus Wi-Fi

    Smartphone, tablet data use: Mobile versus Wi-Fi A new report reveals the telecommunications industry is grossly underestimating the extent of Wi-Fi usage in South Africa.
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    New Axxess mobile data vouchers launched

    Axxess mobile data vouchers launched Axxess has announced that its mobile data customers can now use prepaid ADSL vouchers to top up their mobile data accounts
  11. C

    Looking for mobile data month to month contract. Axxess vs Afrihost vs other isps?

    Hi MyBB At the moment I'm on an Afrihost 1gb/pm. Since their double data deal is ending I want to change my mobile data bundle. I've seen that Axxess seems to be a winner at the moment, are there any other alternatives to Afrihost and Axxess that also offer month to month options?
  12. Jan

    Vodacom data billing increment changes: how it works

    Vodacom data billing changes: how you’re affected Vodacom has increased it data billing increment to 10 kilobytes, but it says normal mobile data users will not be affected.
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom Mobile cracks 2 million subscribers

    Telkom Mobile cracks 2 million subscribers Telkom has increased its active mobile subscribers by 27% over the last twelve months, with strong mobile data growth
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Vodacom – lower data prices, strong data growth

    Vodacom – lower data prices, strong growth Vodacom said that it has reduced the effective price of data by 30%, and has seen a big increase in the amount of data used
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Axxess improves mobile data rollover policy

    Axxess improves mobile data rollover Axxess has adopted a first-in-first-out mobile data rollover policy, where the oldest mobile data will be used first
  16. The Axxess Lady

    Axxess Mobile Rollover- You asked, we listened!

    The Axxess mobile rollover process has been reviewed and this is the out come of it :D. We have decided to change the rollover from "LIFO" to "FIFO" like so many of our clients asked for. We also decided that, should you wish to up/downgrade your package you would not lose any of your...
  17. StrontiumDog

    Vodacom SMSes requiring mobile data to be delivered?

    I have noticed of late, that SMSes are only delivered to my phone (Sony Z2) when I turn on my mobile data. e.g. I only turned on my mobile data at 10:12am today. Several FNB inContact SMSes as well as an SMS from the voicemail service were then delivered at that time. Has anyone else...
  18. L

    Cloned SIM?

    I received 2 SMS' between 19:00 and 20:00 that my data bundle is running low, all good no problem ... Until I realize I have not had my mobile data on since the day before yesterday, the 7th. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 LTE. I get 600MB of data each month, 600 SMS' and 240 free...
  19. R

    Is Afrihost Stealing Data?

    Wondering if anyone else had the same experience: I switch to Afrihost, on my WIFI modem (LTE), and both mine and my wife's cellphones. I then also bought my mom a wifi modem (3g), and got her Afrihost Mobile, as it works out cheaper for low data usage. Suddenly, all the data consumption...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Voice is dead, long live data

    The death of voice, the rise of data The latest figures show that fixed and mobile voice revenues are under pressure, and that data is where it is all happening