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  1. Jan

    Pick n Pay reports big online sales growth - before effect of Mr D partnership

    Pick n Pay and Takealot taking the fight to Checkers Sixty60 Pick n Pay and Shoprite's battle for customers looks poised to intensify as the South African grocery giants rapidly expand their on-demand delivery services. Pick n Pay published its interim results for the 26 weeks ending 28 August...
  2. Jan

    Uber Eats, Mr D, and restaurant prices compared

    Uber Eats and Mr D vs restaurant prices — chicken noodle soup with a 106% markup Takeaway prices on food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Mr D are much higher than buying from restaurants directly. A MyBroadband analysis showed that customers could pay up to double the in-store price for...
  3. Jan

    Takealot disagrees with Competition Commission report, Google and Uber Eats promise feedback

    Takealot, Uber Eats, and Google respond to Competition Commission report says it does not agree with some of the Competition Commission’s provisional findings in its Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry summary report. “We have and will continue to engage with the panel...
  4. Jan

    Takealot Group grows revenue to R13 billion, still makes R111 million loss

    Takealot makes R111 million loss despite massive revenue increase Takealot grew its gross merchandise value by 34% and revenue by 27%, Naspers reported in its annual results for the period 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022. Naspers noted that these percentages represent growth in local currency...
  5. Jan

    PPTA expects 30,000 strikers in e-hailing national shutdown

    30,000 strikers expected in Uber and Bolt national shutdown The Public Private Transport Association (PPTA) expects at least 30,000 drivers from Uber, Uber Eats, Bolt, Bolt Food, InDriver, and Mr D Food will partake in a national shutdown of e-hailing and app-based delivery services on...
  6. Jan

    Takealot Group "nearing breakeven" with $2m trading loss

    Takealot shrinks trading loss to R31 million The Takealot Group grew revenues by 36% while decreasing trading losses to “near breakeven” of $2 million (R31 million), Naspers reported in its interim results for the six months to 30 September 2021.
  7. Jan

    Over R14 billion in products sold on Takealot

    Takealot made R14.66 billion in sales over the last year The Takealot Group, which includes, Superbalist, and Mr D Food, increased revenues by 65% to US$606 million (R8.7 billion) over the last year. This was revealed in Naspers’ results for the year ended 31 March 2021, which was...
  8. J

    Uber Eats vs Mr D Food - Price comparison

    Uber Eats vs Mr D Food - Price comparison The two biggest food delivery platforms in South Africa are Uber Eats and Mr D Food, each of which offers a large selection of restaurants and charges their own delivery and service fees. These applications partner with restaurants to facilitate...
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    Do you prefer using UberEATS or Mr D Food?

    Which food delivery app do you prefer?
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    Why Mr D Food charges R35 for a delivery

    Why Mr D Food charges R35 for a delivery When you order takeaways through the Mr D Food app, you’ll pay slightly more for the delivery than if you use UberEATS.