1. GipsyD

    Nissan 370z Local Aftermarket Navigation Unit Options?

    As the title suggests, the Nissan 370z Navigation Unit is widely regarded as being abysmal at best, and many people have resorted to fitting aftermarket solutions. That raises the question for me, what local aftermarket solutions are there for the Z? Are there any solutions available for the Z...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Do you use your smartphone to navigate while you drive?

    Do you use your smartphone for navigation while driving? Which navigation app do you use?
  3. Jamie McKane

    Which is the best smartphone navigation app?

    Which smartphone navigation app do you think is the best? Why?
  4. H

    Samsung S9: Bixby Navigation

    Can anyone else get Bixby to actually start navigation? I can get it to open Waze or Google Maps but when i say Navigate Home for example it says that it is unable to so.
  5. D

    Mercedes Navigation DVD for Africa

    Good Day Everyone, I have recently acquired a 2007 Mercedes CLK500 Avantgarde. It did not come with the Navigation DVD. Is there any alternative option to get the OEM GPS working without spending R5000 at Mercedes for a DVD that cost about R10 to make? Thanks guys!
  6. K

    Lexus Touchscreen Repairs

    We repair non responsive Lexus touchscreen. We dissambe it fix it and assamble it - R2500.00. All work comes with a 12 month warranty. The repairs take a hour to three hour depending on extent of damage. Call 0127713326 or 0763820951
  7. M

    US Government cracking down on navigation apps

  8. QuintonB

    Facebook and Google to battle it out for Waze

    Facebook and Google both set eyes on Waze Google Inc is considering buying Israeli mobile satellite navigation start-up Waze Inc, which may lead to a bidding war with Facebook Inc
  9. QuintonB

    TomTom for Android now in SA

    TomTom Android app in SA The TomTom Android app has been launched and is available in South Africa
  10. J

    Garmin and TomTom ready to go head-to-head

    Garmin and TomTom prepare for battle Digital navigation companies, TomTom and Garmin, will once again go head-to-head as they are preparing new products and features to attract the market
  11. W

    Vodacom Telmap GPSnavigation app for 9810 won't work

    Vodacom Telmap GPS navigation app for 9810 won't work Hi, wondering if anyone can help setup the telmap navigation app? I installed it but it wont work on my Torch 9810. Keeps saying "Network timeout. Please check network settings and try again. If problem persists, contact customer...
  12. QuintonB

    Elderly drivers to get assistance from Granny Nav

    Granny Nav to assist elderly drivers Older drivers may now be able to stay on the road for longer thanks to new technology being developed by scientists that uses pictures of mail boxes or pubs as visual turning cues.
  13. H

    Mercedes Benz E320 - Navigation NTG1 Maps

    Hi guys. So I drive a W211 E320 Avantgarde with the factory fitted COMAND NTG 1 system. Love the tight integration, but now the maps disk is in need of an update. In true unreasonable Mercedes style they want to charge over R4000 for the latest Nav DVD. Anyone know where to get the upgraded...
  14. jes

    Nokia Ovi Maps South Africa to get live traffic info

    Nokia Ovi Maps South Africa to get live traffic info Nokia's Ovi Maps navigation software is getting live traffic information in South Africa
  15. B

    Samsung Galaxy S: which GPS navigation app are you using?

    Hi there Which GPS navigation app are you using on your Samsung Galaxy S (or any other Android phone for that matter)? The Galaxy S only comes with Google Maps which doesn’t have voice prompts in South Africa at the moment. I am not going to root my phone and as such I only have access to...
  16. B


    Been looking for a decent GPS navigation solution for my HTC Hero running 2.1 (rooted) for some time now as Ndrive wouldn't cut it (kept losing navigation randomly) and lost compatibility with newer android revisions. In this journey I heard of Copilot but have since found it extremely difficult...
  17. C

    Map quality of Factory fitted SatNav systems

    I recently bought an Audi with the new 3G MMI Navigation system, I love the MMI system and it really rounds off the car's interior... But the map quality is absolutely rubbish, to give you a few examples: The GPS does not know that you can take Grayston drive of the N1 to go to Sandton...
  18. ToxicBunny


    Right, Just found this whilst trawling around for interesting things. Social based, turn-by-turn navigation system for the iPhone, and soon Android phones. The maps are mostly incomplete in SA because the community is still small, but the more of us who use and update the maps the...
  19. D

    Nokia gives free turn-by-turn navigation worldwide

    It was only a matter of time before other phone companies would have to take the plunge and offer free turn-by-turn navigation. Ever since Google released their Maps Navigation Beta for Android, people all around the world wondered two things. First, would it be available outside of the US? And...
  20. LazyLion

    Navigation on your Nokia. For free. Forever. Nice! Pity it's not available for the E71.