new car

  1. I

    Vehicle Lockdown Specials:

    I haven't seen a thread about aggregating the latest specials for new / demo and used cars of late. I'm in the market to replace a car going out of motorplan in a couple months and have been browsing. I thought I'd list them here: Merc: Up to 3 months installments covered...
  2. N

    Documents required for buying a new car

    Why does the dealer need my proof of residence document when making the sale for a new car? Could someone please guide me on what documents are needed for this?
  3. FGRL

    Fuel Consumption New Car

    Hi All I'm very cautious of believing dealerships when they claim figures like 5l/100kms for a new 1.5 petrol vehicle, however, Im inquisitive to know if there's truth to some of the findings on the net that state you cannot "believe" the cars trip details in the first 5000kms when it comes to...
  4. Rouxenator

    Very tempted to get a convertible... but should I?

    While browsing Autotrader for some low mileage gems I came across this beauty R130k for a 8 year old twintop Astra with a mere 53,000km on the clock
  5. K

    New car timelines (Kia Rio)

    I'm hoping someone with experience or the knowledge can enlighten me... I'm in the process of buying a new Kia Rio through Standard Bank's Vehicle Purchasing Unit. I'm already getting a nice discount and staff interest rates so I'm not looking to change my angle of attack on this. There was...
  6. E

    New car advice

    Allo Guys Firstly, if there is already something that answers the below, I probably didn't see it. Hoping someone can help me here. I'm looking for some advice on a car purchase. I have a toss up between purchasing a new vehicle, or purchasing a more powerful second hand vehicle. Here is my...
  7. B

    Buyers Remorse, New Car

    Hi everyone I bought a new car 4 days ago while also trading in my old car. Plain and simple; I feel regret for doing it. Does anyone have some experience in returning a new car? This new car is still under 100km and like I said bought 4 days ago. I know its not the dealerships...
  8. SmellyCelly

    Suzuki Swift SE 1.4 - Go for it?

    I am tempted to buy the Suzuki Swift SE 1.4 - brand new 2013 edition for R160,000 all inclusive. Good deal?
  9. A

    Took a Hyundai i20 for a test drive today

    Hi, After reading a few posts recently on MyBB raving about the i20, I decided to take it for a test drive today. I drove the 1.6. If I were to sum it up in 1 word - PLAIN! 1) Handling wasn't amazing at all, car wobbled a bit 2) Engine over-revved every time I put my foot on the clutch to...
  10. P

    Brand New Cars Sub 125 000

    3 years ago we had a sub 100 000 rand car market in South Africa that was led by two cars, the Toyota tazz, the VW Citi golf and the Corsa Lite. Since all 3 have been discontinued it is interesting to see what are now the options for people looking to buy BRAND NEW (and lets stick to brand new)...
  11. Brawler

    My new car thread.

    Hi all. Got a ton of questions regarding car choices. Would prefer new as I need a vehicle asap and hunting for a decent 2nd hand vehicle out of the question, besides I want the warranty etc. I am 21, worked for a small I.T company (read low paying) to gain experiance, I now have a much...