1. T

    No sound over HDMI

    I want to connect my Laptop (Lenovo Y570) to my Sony Amp (STR-DA2400ES) using the HDMI port on my Laptop. I use a PC monitor as a "TV" which is connected using the HDMI OUT of the amp and a DVI-plug to convert HDMI signal to DVI. Before I bought a new HDMI cable solely for this purpose, I...
  2. NomNom

    Cheapest Netbook/Notebook Avalible In SA

    I know of a guy who has a budget of R2500. So far I have offered him the following options: And there are two Notebooks at Game going for R2999 and there is one at Makro for R2999...
  3. antowan

    Light but powerfull in the 10" and up notebook catagory

    What would you recommend in the league of the HP Folio 13, Lenovo x220 etc?
  4. D

    Incredible Connection sold me a laptop with someones files on it

    so I bought a "new" laptop from incredible connection, after the employee retrieved one out of storage/backroom w/e it's called and I took it home. Upon first boot up I got the windows setup wizard, as in the OS was not already installed and after about 10 minutes of messing around it I noticed...
  5. V

    Samsung Notebooks

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know any good retailer(s) that sell Samsung notebooks (Laptops)? I looked at Makro, incredible corruption and Games, Laptop Direct, Digital planet. Thanks :)
  6. The_Hobbit

    Acer notebook spares?

    Who can source Acer notebook spares in SA. I'm looking in particular for this part: It's an Acer Aspire 1410 2936 11.6" notebook and I need the upper cover...
  7. M

    How to setup external graphics for a notebook?

    Hello, I want to know what components do I need to setup external graphics for my notebook. I have a Dell XPS L502X and it has an eSATA port on it (I heard you need eSATA for external graphics). What do I need to get external graphics set up and how? Please leave as many links as...
  8. K

    is This a good Notebook? and also a question!

    hey all im looking at buying a new notebook and wondered if this one is any good, if there any other ones that are similar and good could you let me know. And Also my Vodacom 3G modem...
  9. jes

    Fujitsu unveils high-end Lifebook P771 notebook

    Fujitsu unveils high-end Lifebook P771 notebook Fully-specified Lifebook P771 provides 18 hour battery runtime and advanced mobility features.
  10. jes

    Toshiba launches new Satellite C670 notebook

    Toshiba launches new Satellite C670 notebook Toshiba brings a large-screen version of its Satellite C series to South Africa at retail prices starting at R7,499
  11. jes

    Tablet PCs predicted to cannibalise netbook and notebook sales in 2011

    Tablet PCs predicted to cannibalise netbook and notebook sales in 2011 Canalys predicts a 14% growth in the PC market for 2011 mainly thanks to pad shipments, but also says pads will steal netbook and notebook sales
  12. V

    HP Compaq nc2400 - what is a reasonable second-hand price?

    As the title says: What would be a reasonable price? link to HP's site: the specs as per the site: More: It does run XP Pro & has 2GB of RAM in it. Has a 60GB HDD. The...
  13. Derrick

    Save up to R2000 on your next notebook.

    Impact Radio, a community radio station in Pretoria, has been auctioning off computers for the past 7 years and donating every cent to charity! The Charity Bid as it is known, has raised and given away over R6 million since the feature began back in 2001. Why would this be of interest to you...
  14. Derrick

    One notebook stand to rule them all…

    Here’s a clever new design in the world of notebook functionality that might just be what you are looking for. The Nottable notebook stand by designer Nelson Motta is a unique, flexible stand for your notebook that easily adapts to fit your different working postures – be it sitting...
  15. P

    Need new laptop. What to get?

    Helloe everyone. My first post :) I am looking for a laptop for my father. He is self employed and using some old HP which doesn't do the job anymore. He wants to spend R6000 or under and just uses email, browsing internet, excel, word and other basic stuff. Screen does not matter because he...
  16. M

    HP G72-A30 Notebook from Game

    I am considering getting me this Notebook. Is it any good? It has i3-350 2.26Ghz, 4Gb memory, 500Gb HDD, 17" screen & comes with Windows premium. This will be replacing my old P4 3.0Gb, 1Gb memory, 160Gb HDD, 17" LCD with XP Professional. I had a look at it last weekend and the specs...
  17. T

    Largest notebook hard drive HDD arrives in SA

    Largest mobile HDD arrives in SA Drive Control Corporation releases 750GB notebook drive to the SA market
  18. S

    Wired notebook mouse

  19. S

    Notebook keyboard key mechanism

    Anyone know where I can get a notebook key mechanism? It's one of those concertina-type things. Basically two plastic squares of side ~1cm joined at a hinge located at the middle of two opposite sides. It's actually for a Microsoft Desktop 7000 keyboard (basically a notebook keyboard).
  20. S

    Warranties for overseas laptops