1. S

    Forumite opinions: HP Pavillion Notebook dv6-1350ei

    Can you guys please give me opinions on this deal, and if anyone has experience with the new range of Pavillions (since the re-design): Core 2 Duo P7550 @ 2.26GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM (2 x 2048MB) 500GB Hard drive @ 5400rpm DVD Writer with Lightscribe Bluetooth Wireless N Gigabit ethernet Card...
  2. S

    Opinion on this notebook (please) ?

    Hi all, My notebook was recently stolen and I'm looking for a replacement. I'm pretty keen on this notebook (Toshiba Tecra A9) but wanted some informed opinions before I buy (I'm not up to date with hardware!). The A9 is an old-ish model but I like its ruggedness (I'll be moving it to &...
  3. R

    HP Compaq 6735s + cheap ADSL - R4999 incl VAT

    HP COMPAQ 6735S Specifications: [SIZE="3"]• AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 (2.0GHz Dual Core) • Windows Vista Home Basic • AMD M780G Chipset • 1GB DDR Memory • 160GB Hard Drive • DVD+-RW Drive • 15.4” Display • ATI Mobility HD3200 UMA Graphics • 802.11b/g Wireless LAN • 1-1-0 Warranty...
  4. B

    Laptop needed

    Hey there, I started this thread. Can any dealers maybe give me a price on what you have? But please not if the specs are lower or the price is higher than the link I provided to a HP laptop.
  5. S


    So today, I buy an HP notebook where the spec sheet claims 15.4" BrightView display. I open the box to see that it has a matte-display. I tell the guy who sold it to me, because honestly, he should sort it out. He says that the spec sheet says it has BrightView, not CrystalView, that's why it's...
  6. T

    Giving Ubuntu a shot on my notebook

    I'm busy downloading Ubuntu 8.04.1 as I type this :D I've only dabbled with Ubuntu in a VM setting before, will now be installing it full-time on my notebook (HP 530). Any tips/ideas/useful software I should know about? Will be using it for basic programming (Java) and office use...
  7. S

    A laptop beckons

    In the foreseeable future I will probably have to sell my computer and buy a laptop. I don't want a particularly high spec laptop but I want lots of hard drive space. What is the current biggest 2.5 inch hard drive and is it generally easy to order a laptop and tell them to swap out the...
  8. rpm

    Lenovo joins netbook fray

    Lenovo joins netbook fray
  9. rpm

    ThinkPad SL notebooks

    ThinkPad SL notebooks
  10. mh348

    Anyone use SPL (Service Parts Logistics) in Johannesburg

    I just found their site today and saw that they supply laptop parts, batteries, notebook mb's, monitors etc Hows the pricing and service? If you know of any other companies that supply replacement part for notebooks please let me know.