1. B

    NZB Setup

    So i have used to be off the NZB scene for some time and would like to get back into it. I used to used SABNZBD as the download client and tied that in with SickBeard. Unfortunately I also moved over to Vox who I see does not have a newsserver. So I guess I am asking, those who still use...
  2. S


    Hi guys not sure whether this is the correct thread to post under, but anyway! Does anyone have experience with one of those Generic Piko Smart HDMI tv adapters? Takealot has a special on them: How do...
  3. M

    Desperate housewives Usenet

    Desperate housewives Howzit Folks, Hope you enjoying the weekend. I am trying to find Desperate housewives Season 2-5. Can anyone help me on this please? Cheers...
  4. A

    Torrent and P2P downloads

    On a 1MB uncapped ADSL account. Which would be the best isp for downloading torrents and p2p files in the night. (From 9pm - 6am)? And can somebody if they don't mind explain to me what NZB and news servers are and how it benefits you guys when downloading. Thank You.
  5. S

    Need help with NZB.

    Hi, Downloaded a 5 gig movie from NZBmatrix using alt.binz. It finishing downloading after a couple of hours, all looked well etc. When i tried to unrar it this morning it wouldn't(in alt.binz), kind of just did nothing when I clicked the unrar option, checked the unrar folder, the complete...
  6. N

    Torrents vs. NZB

    I'm thinking of going the nzb route. I'm on uncapped. I currently use downstorm which is a paid torrent download service (R50 - 6GB). So I get torrents at full line speed. Old stuff is also available - like some b&w movie from the 50's. With NZB the way I understand it, only the latest...
  7. DrJohnZoidberg

    NZB Client for Linux

    Hey all, Was just wondering what application you guys use for NZB's in linux. I discovered a great little app called LottaNZB. It doesn't have a lot of options, but it's really lightweight, easy to use and quick. Ubuntu users can install it straight from the software center. It would be...
  8. P

    Cybersmart News Server

    Anyone know if cybersmart works with an international news server such as astraweb?
  9. S

    Astraweb Broken?

    !!EDIT: WAS A PROBLEM ON MY SIDE!! Hi guys, I can barely connect and if I do my downloads are at like 5kb/s... this is on my IS and SAIX accounts so must be there side :(
  10. stroebs

    News servers on Cybersmart

    Hey all. I wanted to know if there are any local news servers or any news server I don't necessarily have to pay for to get access to a news server on Cybersmart? Cybersmart is coming out with an uncapped offering and I'd really like to know if you can actually access a local news server from a...
  11. R

    newzbin invite for a poor old soul

    A request. Might be a long shot, but need a newzbin invite to use with sabnzbd. would be eternally grateful my email is hlnrog001 at
  12. S

    Local .nzb application?

    Hi everyone... I was wondering if, by any chance, there is a locally hosted application to use .nzb files? I know both Grabit ( and Alt.binz ( are both hosted on international servers, and I'd like to download one of them to be able to use...
  13. D

    How to set up NZB Program for SA

    hi im just new to this NZB thing and what to know how to set it up on my macbook. i just dont know the is??? im with telkom. then do i have to add my username and password? thanks in advance