1. Jan

    Standard Bank app downtime

    Standard Bank mobile app offline Standard Bank’s mobile banking app is currently unavailable for some users, the bank’s official service status page shows. At 8:07 on Tuesday morning, the bank confirmed it had identified issues with transacting on the app, with some account tiles not available.
  2. Jan

    Major Mweb/Vumatel outage

    Big Mweb outage in South Africa A major outage on the Mweb network that runs on Vumatel's fibre infrastructure has left many South Africans without Internet access. Mweb has told some clients that the problem lies with Vumatel, while Vumatel has said that its tests show its infrastructure is...
  3. Covax

    National Outage

    Does anyone have any verified update regarding the VumaTel/SADV National Outage?
  4. BamboozledAttorney

    Any constant interruptions in the Roodepoort area?

    I reside in Helderkruin, Roodepoort where the Fibre cables are managed by Vumatel. For the last few weeks there has been constant interruptions with the speed. The speed can drop to 0.03 kbs, or it can disconnect on its own and reconnect out of the blue a few minutes later. I do not know what...
  5. Anthro

    1-Grid is Dead.

    RIP if you are using their "services". Some of my Company parters are using these guys, and they are dead in the water. https://1-grid.com/ cc @1-grid
  6. overit

    2 of the 3 West Coast Under sea cables down

    I have seen on down detector somebody said that 2 of the 3 cables we use for int traffic is broken, but can't find any news on it. EASSY cable is the only one working and all traffic is being routed through it causing major congestion. Was wondering if we had some inside info to go on? For now...
  7. M

    Florida city accidentally sends ‘zombie alert’ to residents during power outage

    Florida city accidentally sends ‘zombie alert’ to residents during power outage
  8. T


    Hello Does anyone know the status of polka.co.za? It's returning a 504 error and downdetector indicates it IS down but for an unspecified time. A friend of mine hosts his website there and has noticed his site has been down for a month. However, it wasn't important enough to him at the time to...
  9. V

    Terrible speeds at night - equally bad customer service

    I've been experiencing problems since last night, seems to be fine in the morning throughout the day and then I get the below speeds at night. Games are unplayable as I get insanely high ping. Ping: 61ms Download: 2.59Mbps Upload: 11.19Mbps I made the mistake of contacting Rain...
  10. A

    Telkom ADSL outages

    I have spent most of yesterday, and several hours today, in trying to communicate with Telkom, to report constant ADSL outages. We have a Telkom ISP "up to 10 Mbps" ADSL line which had been problem-free for a few months now. Can anyone recommend a contact, or a number I could make contact...
  11. R

    Douglasdale Outage?

    Hi All, anyone else in Douglasdale having issues with ADSL today? My line has stopped syncing...
  12. X

    MTN Network problems (18 Aug)

    Hi, I'm struggling this morning. My MTN postpaid SIM will not register with the MTN network. Worked yesterday, not this morning... Is there an MTN network problem? I see a peak on down detector? But can't find any specific reports. I hope that this is an appropriate forum for this...
  13. C

    Vodacom Outage

    Is anyone else experiencing an outage trying to connect to their voicemail. I cannot access voicemail or customer care from my cellphone (121 or 111) My friends and family are experiencing the same problem Vodacom?
  14. A

    Telkom ADSL down

    I have been without ADSL since very early this a.m. and it has only just been restored. I reported the outage via SMS to 30591. and received a reference no. per their reply soon after. I wonder what caused the 6 hour outage? I am connected via the Swellendam, WC exchange, and my telkom number...
  15. C

    Telkom fibre outage in KZN?

    Hey Guys Anybody else experiencing any issues with Telkom fibre and SAIX diginet in KZN since around 10:30am? Thanks
  16. S

    Welgoemoed. Bellville ADSL Problems

    Started last night randomly at 22:00, internet started slowing down and then cut off completely. Phone number: 021 913 xxxx Telkom provides the line. ISP name: MWEB Uncapped Time: Started 22:00ish last night, still down. traceroute to Telkom.co.za: Unable to resolve target...
  17. K

    No connectivity Plumstead/Wynberg - anyone else?

    Hi guys, ADSL stopped working at my home in Plumstead (021 762) around 14:00 on Saturday afternoon (04/10/14). My router says "Link Down". My telephone line has been dead since about a week earlier. I managed to get hold of Telkom who told me that there is a problem at the exchange and...
  18. Jan

    Absa online banking outage (30 June 2014)

    Absa Internet banking down again The Internet banking services of Absa bank have once again gone down at month-end.
  19. jes

    Afrihost, Axxess ADSL and 3G issues explained

    Afrihost, Axxess ADSL and 3G issues explained Afrihost has explained what caused authentication problems for subscribers recently
  20. jes

    Absa suffers online banking services downtime

    Absa suffers online banking services downtime Absa has confirmed that an outage has hit its digital banking services