1. Y

    Don't pay extra for Whatsapp - sign the Save Whatsapp Petition

    Join the team and sign the petition they have started against potential Whatsapp regulation. See the Fin24 article about this petition at the link below: South African consumers are always vocal with complaints, but seldom do anything...
  2. Nod

    FTTH in Somerset West petition

    We are trying to get a list of interested parties together so that ISP's will start to look at Somerset West as a FTTH target. All the ISPs I have spoken to want to see how many would potentially go for their service. Please sign this petition if you live in Somerset West and are interested in...
  3. T

    Petition for Quadrangular ODI Cricket Competition

    In lieu of CSA nightmare capitulation to the BCCI, and the cancelled return tour of Pakistan, please put your name to this petition : Anything would be better than the dull December/January awaiting us... If you support the campaign, please invite your friends to add their...
  4. jes

    Facbook campaign to save Canadian Black Bears caught in drug bust

    Source: Sapa-AFP _______________ An international campaign with the help of social networking site Facebook hopes to save the lives of some 14 black bears used to guard an illegal marijuana farm in western Canada. Police encountered the bears during a drug raid earlier this month at...
  5. K

    Zone Horror Petition

    I figured it wouldn't hurt to start an "official" petition for this. Head on over and sign it if you're interested.
  6. X

    Wimax Petition???

    Hi Guys, I am one of those poor blokes that has to suffer with vodacom hspda. :mad: I would love to get Wimax BUT I am covered by the adsl footprint, problem is adsl is not an option for me. And Telscum only provide wimax to those not covered by the adsl footprint. So whos with me...
  7. Z

    Fed-up driving schools launch e-mail petition

    Fed-up driving schools launch e-mail petition [Pretoria News & Beeld Says] Good Day Today we had an article regarding the petition mounted against the drivers licence and learners license booking system a.k.a Call Centres. Today an article was published in the Pretoria News, and I was...