1. D

    No expedited shipping of phones/laptops (incl. Xiaomi) from Gearbest/AliExpress/Banggood to South Africa

    I have ordered Xiaomi/Huawei phones from Gearbest in the past with no issues, but ever since lockdown it seems that expedited shipping to South Africa for anything with a battery is not available. From what I can tell, it seems that phones,robot vacuums and laptops are affected. Does anybody...

    Do U Buy wholesale/bulk lots of Phones ❔

    Phones/Tech - For Sale Items : 3 Blackberrys, 1 Susan phone, 1 Samsung Galaxy S3 mini , 1 ZTE phone & a Huawei 3G Surf Stick to give U internet access on your laptop/notebook PC WireLessly They All work, U just have to know how to set them up (1 or 2 might need a new battery..) Packaging ...
  3. M

    Contract phones

    Good morning. If I may ask, I bought a phone on contract. Then, a week later I decide I want to exchange for a different phone, but still on contract. Will that be possible, the contract is with Cell C. I haven't used the phone. I just opened it, but I didn't like it. I didn't touch the sim card...
  4. GipsyD

    Adding existing numbers to VOIP Phones and Servers?

    I'm pretty fresh to the whole VOIP scene, so bear with me The company I work for recently bought out a company that was no longer solvent. We bought out their entire office building. Now, this company used to work with VOIP Phones as their main way of communicating with customers and others on...
  5. TheSaladBhenchod

    Does anyone remember that hype around that company "Yekani" apparently making phones in SA?

    It was a few months back I think, and their website seems to suggest they are making handsets but there's been literally nothing about them since that thread on here in June or July. What's happened?
  6. Z

    Gadget Review YouTube Channel with Giveaways

    Good day All, I have been importing for over 10 years and would like to share the wisdom I have learnt. The aim is to also start a YouTube channel in SA, review gadgets, giveaway free stuff, Coupons for items available on GearBest and teach people how to import into SA and I can import for them...
  7. Budza

    Afrihost Mobile + Xiaomi Mi Phones & DATA

    I just saw the email about this partnership:D Same prices as Includes some free data /month for 1 year Excellent! Need to confirm if Afrihost Plus can be applied to these offerings. ;)
  8. D

    Is Sim Locking Legal in South Africa

    Im trying to help a friend and they say that, their phone is locked on a certain network (Vodacom) dont know the type of phone, but it doesnt work with any other providers, and I found this site that says that ICASA banned sim locking? So is it...
  9. B

    Samsung Galaxy X-Cover Special

    Samsung Galaxy X-Cover Special Satisfy your Need for Mobility Follow the link to view our range of Phones: More Phones Behemoth Technology For further information regarding phone's or any other products from B-Technology please don't hesitate to drop us an email at...
  10. valiente

    Over Ear all-round Headphones with mic, Any suggestions?

    Hi I've been looking at a new pair of headsets, there are quite a few around but after all the reviews I've read, I'm just baffled and don't know in which direction to head any more. Currently I'm using Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset. Which I really like for the great Mic and super comfortable...
  11. jes

    Cybercriminals move beyond Windows systems

    Cybercriminals move beyond Windows systems Cisco found that cybercriminals are shifting their focus away from Windows-based PCs to other operating systems and platforms, including smart phones, tablet computers, and mobile platforms in general
  12. M

    Nude pics in exchange for phone

  13. rpm

    SA's favourite Internet phones

    SA's favourite Internet phones