rain 5g wifi

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    HORRIBLE Customer Service

    I have sent numerous emails to rain support as I am not a client personally, however somehow one of the rain clients is using my card details and my account has been debited twice in the last 2 months! I need to remove my card details from the users account and no one is responding to any of the...
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    Rain Premium 5G same speed as Standard 5G

    Good day everyone, I have had my Rain service for about a week now. I am on the Premium package which boasts average speeds of 300mbps. When I do the Rain optimization test on their website, it tells me my download speed is 350mbps BUT when I do any other speed test online, my speed is always...
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    Rain 5G router connection to a wifi router

    I recently received the 5G router from Rain. The speeds I am getting are pretty decent and I cant complain. The wifi coverage of the 5G router is however very poor when compared to my old ADSL wifi router which was a 4 year old D-Link router. I have tried contacting Rain for any assistance on...