1. E

    Cool ideas worst isp for customer service! stay away!

    Seven days ago I signed up to Cool Ideas ISP for a new fibre line for the house I will be moving into. I was impressed that they were voted best ISP. I have not yet used their service the router is still unopened and there is no power going to the CPE box. I replied to one of their billing...
  2. C

    Vodacom Fibre Complex Wars

    Vodacom fibre is taking over in terms of the complex space. New developmental estates are contracting their fibre lines to vodacom..... and it sucks. Its essentially a monopoly which means that they wont give a damn about quality or providing a good service, cause who else are they competing...
  3. Newsfeed

    Online shoppers are suckers for products with lots of reviews

    Online shoppers are suckers for products with lots of reviews If you want someone to buy your product, make sure it gets lots of reviews. This is according to a study published in Psychological Science.
  4. E

    Do you user Google Reviews to influence your decision before approaching a business?

    As the title says. I've been witnessing so many individuals screwed over by businesses, but their cries fade into thin air too quick. Hence I am just curious: How much power do Google Reviews have or do we all herd along, making the same mistakes? I am tired of businesses treating me...
  5. N

    Status update: Whats on your mind

    So why not say whats on your mind here? Nobody is reading your F@ceb00k status anyway... :whistle: Food is on my mind,
  6. A

    Is a dedicated mobi site necessary

    Hi guys, Just looking for some advice please. Have been approached by some guys who want to do a mobi site for me, which apparently works in tandem with normal site - their company is and apparently: "When a someone visits your website it can tell if they...
  7. copacetic


    Hi fellow denizens of MyBB. I love watching documentaries. I would appreciate any recommendations from any of you. No particular subject either, anything interesting will do. Thanks.
  8. S

    I found out about this site when browsing for a movie review on youtube. They are hilarious :D
  9. F

    A narrow-minded review of Schusters new movie

    A narrow-minded review of Schusters new movie..
  10. C

    It's Time for an Independent ISP Rating Service/Info?

    After a few weeks of complete frustration trying to select an ISP that: 1) is reasonably priced 2) offers a good network (low latency, high speed, high availability) I have come to the conclusion that SA needs an independent review/certification of these ISP products somehow. The quality...
  11. LazyLion

    A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows 7 I Bought On eBay haha... hilarious read! Some language warning, but worth the read! :D
  12. P

    Reviews (Help Requested)

    Hi I hope this topic is valid here, and get's good response. We're looking for people who own or have owned or bought certain items of computer hardware that we stock to assist us with reviews. Essentially submitting a review, with either positive or negative comments assists other...
  13. LazyLion

    Harry Potter fans damn Half-Blood Prince film after test screening Too much love will kill you :p I can see why the producers would do this wanting to appeal to the "girl crowd" that made Titanic the highest grossing movie ever, but this could also backfire on...