samsung pay

  1. T

    Capitec supports Samsung pay

    I got a notification this afternoon from my Capitec banking app saying their debit and credit cards are now supported by Samsung Pay. Samsung's website also confirms they are now a partnered bank! I managed to add my card, I'm going to try and make a payment with the card later this afternoon...
  2. Rual dV

    Samsung Pay stops working on devices that aren't Samsung

    Samsung Pay drops support for non-Samsung devices Samsung Pay no longer works on non-Samsung devices, reports Android Authority. According to user complaints, the payment application returns an “ID not valid” error on any device not manufactured by Samsung.
  3. Jan

    FNB launches virtual card support on Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit Pay

    FNB virtual card launches on Samsung Pay and other digital wallets FNB has announced its virtual cards are now supported on third-party digital payment wallets, including Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay. In a statement on Monday, the bank revealed it had processed over R1 billion in...
  4. J

    Samsung Pay debit card coming soon

    Samsung Pay debit card coming soon Samsung plans to launch a Samsung Pay debit card later this year, according to a blog post by the company. Samsung said the debit card will be backed by a cash management account that will be enabled through a partnership with personal finance company SoFi.
  5. J

    FNB launches support for Samsung Pay

    FNB launches support for Samsung Pay FNB has launched support for the Samsung Pay app, allowing clients with compatible devices to make contactless payments at terminals across the country. Users with a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone can now scan their FNB Cheque or Credit Card to add it...
  6. Moeketsi Maphela

    Special Import Samsung

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Samsung special import phone with dual sim but I have no experience at all with special imports. Will the phone be able to support LTE and Samsung pay?
  7. ECHLN

    Getting Samsung Pay to work on Wearables

    As you may know, Samsung Pay just released on wearables for South Africa but many people are having issues getting it to work because a couple of weeks ago, Samsung Pay (Watch plug in) installed in most of our Galaxy Wearable apps. This version of it wasn't native to South Africa but there is a...
  8. J

    Samsung not worried about Huawei Pay and Apple Pay in South Africa

    Samsung not worried about Huawei Pay and Apple Pay in South Africa Samsung is not worried about competition from other mobile payment apps in South Africa, including platform-linked services such as Huawei Pay and Apple Pay. Huawei recently revealed that it expects to launch its mobile...
  9. J

    Samsung Pay to add support for 5 more banks in 2019

    Samsung Pay to add support for 5 more banks in 2019 Samsung has announced that it will add support for five more banks to its Samsung Pay platform next year. Speaking at a media event in Johannesburg, Samsung Pay Project Lead Philip Henning said the company expects to partner with five more...
  10. J

    Nedbank, FNB, and Capitec customers still missing out on Samsung Pay

    Nedbank, FNB, and Capitec customers still missing out on Samsung Pay In August 2018, Samsung launched its mobile payment app in South Africa following a brief early access period. Samsung Pay is a payment app which is available for selected Samsung Galaxy smartphones, allowing users to make...
  11. ECHLN

    Samsung Pay South Africa

    I thought it would be helpful to describe my experience with Samsung Pay so far. This might be helpful to those who are thinking of giving it a try or need clarity on some things. Also feel free to comment with your experiences and tips. First things first, my bank is FNB so I got a Absa...
  12. R

    Samsung Pay / Apple Pay [South Africa]?

    Hi Guys, Any news/update on the introduction of "Samsung pay / Apple Pay"? Would be great if they introduced this as its a function available on many devices which are pretty much "null and void" at this current stage. If not, are there any ways to pay for things at our local retailers...
  13. T

    Samsung Pay

    So we had reports that Samsung Pay is launching in South Africa. Anyone with news or updates on the progress.
  14. R

    Samsung Pay

    Hey guys, Any idea when and if Samsung Pay will get released in South Africa? Are there any alternatives that one can use in SA at the moment up until such time as Samsung Pay is released? Cheers