1. A

    Changes on Rain from the weekend, Locked to bad tower on rain side.

    Anyone here with issues today? Looks like I am no longer able to connect to the tower I used to, Even when forcing the connection, From the Rain website, I am also no longer able to see any of the other towers, During initial setup, Rain engineers were on site and found that the tower I am...
  2. G

    Huawei B535-932 and load shedding

    Hi So I recently purchased a Huawei B535-932 router to replace my B315 router. The router connect to a Gizzu mini ups to keep me up and running during load shedding. Since load shedding started up recently I noticed that my B535 router would remain powered up but I would have no signal and...
  3. BBC

    WiFi - Apartment

    Hi Guys Please advise on what would be the best solution in this case. The green dot is where the Fibre ONT is located and where the modem / router will be (No option to change this). What are the options for full home WiFi coverage as we cannot mount UniFi APs - (there is no ceiling void and...
  4. M

    Is my 5G Signal Intensity/Quality good?

    Good Evening, Wondering if anyone can tell me if my signal intensity and quality is good or not? And what range 5G signal is considered bad, good and excellent? Been struggling with speeds recently and trying to trouble shoot if it is my router or the tower to where I am connecting. Thanks in...
  5. TimBru14

    No signal on rain SIM

    Hi I received my rain SIM card yesterday and got a confirmation email from rain stating that my SIM card was now active. I immediately threw it into my Xiaomi Redmi 3S and configured the APN (Profile name: rain and APN: rain - left everything else default) and restarted the phone only to be...
  6. S

    MTN Now Forbidden on Telkom SIM Card

    I'm using Telkom Mobile and in some areas I frequently go to Telkom is very weak. So in such cases I would then search networks and select MTN so that I would have signal. I deliberately set it so I have to manually search and select but now an interesting thing happened today. I last had it set...
  7. D

    Landline vs Cell service

    Please assist with the following query. Landlines are not being replaced, as evidenced by Telkom handing out free "fixed wireless phones". Do these work via cell signals? My elderly parents and I all live in areas plagued by bad cell reception, so when my landline is inoperational (they have...
  8. Newsfeed

    Signal desktop app launched

    Signal desktop app launched Signal has a new standalone desktop app and the Chrome App has been deprecated.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    What the signal bars on your smartphone really mean

    What the signal bars on your smartphone really mean Many people use the signal bars on their smartphone to judge connectivity, but they are not standard measurements of signal strength.
  10. S

    Signal in Glenhazel, Sydenham and surrounds

    Hi all, So I'm thinking of moving to telkom because of their freeme deals and I wanted to find out how their signal is in my area (Glenhazel), surrounding areas and Johannesburg in general. Thanks in advance
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Secure messenger Signal beta testing video calling

    Secure messenger Signal beta testing video calling Signal has added an experimental video calling feature to the beta version of its app for Android.
  12. S

    Vodacom Signal Woes - Be ready to lose customers!

    Vodacom boasts every time in their adverts that they have very few dropped calls. Maybe this is because they actually cannot connect at all due to bad signal. And this is not happening somewhere in the rural areas of South Africa, it happens in the heart of Johannesburg. Albertsdal to be...
  13. B

    Vodacom Tower Installation Above my Apartment

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice from the community from those in the know regarding legalities of cellphone towers and their installation with proximity to people etc. I live in Pretoria and the rental company that owns the block of flats where I live has decided to go ahead and...
  14. M

    Choppy reception at night

    I've been experiencing intermittent issues over the past few weeks. Seems that around the evening, most of the movie and sports channels seem to struggle with reception. It's as if there are constant weather issues that interferes with the signal. It's definitely not the equipment, from what I...
  15. S

    Vodacom Signal Booster required, please help?

    Hi there, I've been having constant issues with signal at my building and it's gotten to a point now where my phone is breaking up for almost every call I answer at my home! It works fine outside of my home e.g clear calls, 4G signal, etc. Please can you assist? I stay in the Point...
  16. L

    Telkom LTE - antenna boost really possible?

    I live on the "edge" of Telkom LTE reception and get 1x bar of signal inside my home. I'm really impressed with quality of Telkom LTE and ideally would like to use it. Can an antenna really give you good quality LTE if you have 1x signal bar? Something like this...
  17. S

    Samsung Note 5 signal issues

    hi bought a dual sim note 5 from Hong Kong a few weeks ago, pros great phone, fast charging, 4g data cons voice calls has major signal issues when signal drops from 4g to h+ to g calls drop no solutions yet. going to have to mothball phone until a fix comes out Samsung technician...
  18. cemt

    LTE Speeds in Noordwyk

    Hi I'm interested in that TelkomMobile 60Gb+60Gb bundle. I'm getting 5.68M speedtest using my Huawei 5331 HSPA mifi. Is this TelkomMobile data or all networks? I'm asking cos the test said "Hosted by Cellc" Acacia Street West
  19. Ivan Leon

    Intermittent 3G signal in the Edenvale / Germiston area

    Since yesterday morning (Thurs, 12 Feb 2015), the Telkom Mobile signal in the Edenvale / Germiston area, which is usually very stable with hardly any disconnects, has been so flaky and unreliable, that it is almost impossible to maintain any internet connection for more than about 30-180 secs...
  20. T

    Wifi Signal Terrible all of a sudden

    Hi all, The last two weeks or so the Wifi signal sent from my Huawei e3551 has deteriorated significantly, i've tried resetting and changing channels with no success. Then earlier today out of the blue my work colleague told me his e3551( through a different carrier) has been giving him weak...