FNBConnect data issue

    I buy the 2GB monthly data bundle (@ R179) ,I am online Only at night for anything from 3-6 hours [I never watch videos, I do only Google searches, website searches ,visit/read fbk & twitter timelines (now&then) ,write posts wherever (not daily) ], So this data bundle should last the whole 30...
  2. G

    Afrihost alternative

    Hi all... I'm looking for a VODACOM powered alternative to the Afrihost ISP (which is MTN powered ) terms of mobile data ONLY deals...If anyone could advise that would be great....! Many thanks..
  3. Jamie McKane

    Do you have a Dual-SIM smartphone?

    Does your smartphone have Dual-SIM support?
  4. T

    How do I know if Rain Sim is activated?

    I received Rain LTE from Afrihost today and I cannot connect. I don't know if the Sim is not activated yet or if my coverage is not sufficient.
  5. 0

    Rain LTE-A on Mikrotik SXT LTE

    Hi all Just wondering, I just ordered a Rain Sim from Afrihost, and was wondering if the SXT LTE will be on the allowed devices to connect to the network since now they are blocking cellular devices from accessing their network. The SXT LTE can connect to the network and is not a phone...
  6. W

    Rain LTE Sim Card APN settings for CellPhone

    Hi all, I got the the Afrihost Rain LTE deal and received the Huawei B618 router and Rain LTE sim card, It works perfectly in the router and I'm getting really good speeds however in my phone it does not work. I have a Xiaomi note 4 Global version which supports Rain LTE bands however It does...
  7. Newsfeed

    These are the messages we received on new prepaid SIMs

    These are the messages we received on new prepaid SIMs When you purchase a new SIM and receive a new number, it does not always mean you are starting on a clean slate.
  8. Newsfeed

    New SIM-swap and Internet banking fraud warning in South Africa

    New SIM-swap and Internet banking fraud warning in South Africa A new SIM-swap scam in South Africa can cost consumers dearly. The Weekend Argus reported that bank customers have been warned of the new scam, with a cellphone network asking subscribers to guard against “social engineering”...
  9. S

    New Axxess SIM won't connect - No Service

    Hey guys, I recently subscribed to the 5Gig (roll-over) axxess package and received my SIM on Thursday. Placed the SIM in my TP-Link device, changed the APN to "axxess" as instructed and received a "No Service" indication on the device. Called support and they asked me to put the SIM in...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Crime syndicates have infiltrated South African banks and mobile operators – Lawyer

    Crime syndicates have infiltrated South African banks and mobile operators – Lawyer Attorney Johan Victor said crime syndicates have infiltrated banks and mobile operators in South Africa, and are assisting in SIM-swap and online banking fraud.
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    The plan to get rid of SIM cards

    The plan to get rid of SIM cards The team behind KnowRoaming plans to do away with the SIM card as we know it, and recently bought US mobile network Telna to get its project into the mainstream market.
  12. G

    Lte Device Mystery- Solved

    So I signed up for Lte Uncapped. And got my Lte device delivered a huawei E5186. I couldn't get anything faster than around 4 mbs. When my workmates is getting 40. He lives a block away sure i understand wireless communications is tricky but still. check with telkom report problem... of course...
  13. B

    MWEB Mobile Data with Cell C SIM

    Hi all! I'm currently using Cell C prepaid and therefore have a Cell C SIM in my phone, which is not dual SIM capable (as is the case with most phones). 2GB of data from Cell C costs a ridiculous R249, but a 2GB month-to-month data offering from MWEB, which still runs on the Cell C...
  14. A

    Recommend a new Android phone

    I need a new phone .. My current phone is some unknown Chinese make called ZUKA. It was bought by a mate of mine on a trip to Hong Kong. It came with 2 x 3.7 Volt Li-ion, 4800 mAh / 17.76 Wh batteries, but both have just about died over the past year of use. I have not been able to source...
  15. L

    Deactivated SIM on Axxess

    I had signed up initially for a 1GB mobile data bundle with Axxess using a prepaid number. I then upgraded it to a 5GB mobile data bundle towards the end of last month to start 1 Aug 2015. I had used the prorata data last month (on 25 July to be exact), however when I tried to connect to the...
  16. Stevi

    [OLD] Unable to get 4G/LTE? Your SIM needs to be provisioned

    NEW THREAD: Hi All, I upgraded to the Samsung A3 last week, but seem to be having problems getting a 4G connection. The Vodacom assistant did the sim swop to the micro sim, and said all the settings...
  17. mountain_lion

    SMS only pre-paid: Which provider

    I need a SIM for a device which will be sending and receiving SMS. Calls will only be received, although not answered. Low SMS volumes, say 10 messages per week. Prepaid seems to the way to go, but which operator & package? CellC is out - poor coverage at the intended location. Vodacom & MTN...
  18. NeonNinja

    I bought a new Vodacom sim card and 500MB was there?

    Is this normal?
  19. L

    Local sim and data bundle whilst travelling in France and Spain???

    Hi I will be travelling to France and Spain in September (a week in each). I'd like to buy a local sim card and data bundle for my iPhone to use whilst there. I'd prefer to be able to use the same sim card and data bundle in both countries. Is this possible? Any advice on what to get and...
  20. O

    PIN on SIM or not?

    Do you put a PIN on your SIM or not? I have a PIN on my contract SIM, and on my one frequently-used SIM, but the rest (prepaid, of course) doesn't have any PIN codes on, to facilitate easy swapping on any MIFI device. It just is for my own ease of mind, knowing that should some foul...