1. J

    LG unveils Optimus G Android smartphone

    LG Optimus G revealed LG has officially announced its new flagship Android smartphone, the Optimus G
  2. M

    Oppo's Find 5 flagship will pack 1080p screen with 441ppi

    Source Woah, this is a beast of a phone! :eek:
  3. J

    HTC Desire X detailed

    HTC Desire X announced HTC introduces its new dual-core processor and ICS device
  4. D

    Which prepaid for smart phone?

  5. J

    LG Optimus G revealed

    LG Optimus G becomes official LG’s upcoming Android smartphone gets detailed
  6. QuintonB

    Nokia 808 PureView (MyBroadband review)

    Nokia 808 PureView review Does a camera make a phone?
  7. S

    Opinions on Huawei Ascend G300 as a new budget smartphone

    Hi Guys need a new phone, thinking of the Huawei Ascend G300 as a budget smartphone, anyone have any experience with this phone. G300 Reviews are very favourable. Are there alternative phones you would recommend? Phone Criteria Very good Call Quality. sync outlook calendar with phone...
  8. J

    Smartphone users less likely to upgrade

    Smartphone industry reaching a peak? Analysts believe consumers are less likely to upgrade their mobile phones as technological leaps have slowed down
  9. J

    New app assists the visually impaired

    Android app helps the visually impaired A new app attempts to cater to help out with everyday tasks for the visually impaired
  10. M

    Samsung break smartphone sales record in Q2

  11. QuintonB

    Motorola RAZR MAXX launches in SA

    Motorola RAZR MAXX brings longest talk-time to SA Motorola’s new smartphone brings strength and long talk-times to South Africa
  12. Rouxenator

    Blind Test Fun : Nokia vs HTC vs Apple vs Samsung vs Olympus

    If you fancy a bit of pixel detective work, see if you can figure out which camera took which pictures : The contenders are : Nokia 808 PureView (8MP PureView mode) HTC One X iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy S III Nokia N8 (downsampled...
  13. QuintonB

    Smartphones put the pressure on Nintendo

    Nintendo suffering under smartphone boom In 2006 Nintendo took video gaming out of the kids’ room and into the living room, as its hit Wii created a new niche as the console the whole family could share.
  14. N

    Dual-Core > Quad-Core

    7 myths about quad-core phones Interesting article on smartphone performance. In summary more cores doesn't translate in to better performance. (I know, I know, its not news to you)
  15. QuintonB

    Column: Not so smartphone power

    Not so smartphone power I love my smartphone but it has one important and critical flaw
  16. M

    HzO protects your device from water on a molecular level

  17. M

    Apple might be getting $10 for every Android device sold

  18. M

    Touchless smartphones and TVs coming in 2012

  19. M

    New smudge repellent coating may save you the trouble of cleaning your smartphone

  20. M

    Future smartphones and tablets will allow you to physically feel the textures