1. TheEntity

    Idle Observatory - Open Beta Android Idle Game

    Hi all. Not sure if this should be in Gaming, Android or here, but this seemed best. Long time lurker here thought I would share my first dabble in Android app/game making for you all. Idle Observatory (Idle Obs) The idle game where discovering the secrets of the universe pays! It's a...
  2. dawidmsnyders

    5 important things happening in tech today

    5 important things happening in tech today China’s Zhurong rover sent the first footage of its Mars landing as part of the country’s Tianwen-1 space mission. The Delta variant of the coronavirus is taking hold in Portugal, Italy, and Germany in addition to South Africa. Google is launching a...
  3. E

    Searching for a Space Cartoon/Anime from way back

    I doubt anyone can help me with this but its worth a try... About 10 years ago there was a show that I think was on sabc 1 It was about traveling space but that's pretty much all I can remember all I know for sure is that I really like the show and have been searching for it for a while now...
  4. J


    Hey guys Anyone playing this with some tips etc? I find Stellaris nearly impossible to figure out. I think in terms of actual "warfare" it is more realistic, as the mechanics in MoO II did allow you a more straight forward way of building up massively strong fleets, whereas Stellaris...
  5. J

    South Africa looking at international space partnerships

    South Africa looking at international space partnerships South Africa remains committed to fostering the peaceful use of the outer space environment, says Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Bulelani Magwanishe. Delivering the country statement at the UNISPACE+50 High-Level Segment of the...
  6. J

    5 amazing spacecraft which never launched

    5 amazing spacecraft which never launched You may think that Elon Musk's BFR launch system is ridiculous, but there were even crazier spacecraft which we almost launched into orbit. The history of space exploration is filled with adventurous designs and risky decisions, especially during...
  7. J

    Do you think humans should build a colony on Mars?

    Do you think building a colony on Mars is a good idea or a waste of resources?
  8. Newsfeed

    Scientists to explore asteroid belt with nanoprobes

    Scientists to explore asteroid belt with nanoprobes A mission study by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) outlines a plan to explore an asteroid belt with nano-spacecraft, reported Popular Mechanics.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    5 companies that will sell you a ticket to space

    5 companies that will sell you a ticket to space A recent revival of interest in space travel has made commercial space flight a reality for the wealthy and adventurous.
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    5 human spaceflight missions coming soon

    5 human spaceflight missions coming soon The next decade will see a remarkable mix of countries and companies getting involved in space travel.
  11. M

    NASA Paid This Guy $18,000 To Lie In A Bed For 70 Days

    Would you do it?
  12. S

    Satellite TV on a budget

    Hey guys, I hope some of you might be able to assist me in my endeavour. I was actually hoping to find a thread like this already on the site perhaps even stickied but in all my searching I sadly couldn’t locate one. What I’m basically looking for is the cheapest way to gain access to good...
  13. QuintonB

    Space first: scientist prepare to land spacecraft on comet

    Scientists prepare to land spacecraft on comet The European Space Agency is making final preparations to land the first unmanned spacecraft on a comet next week, and scientists are hoping that technology designed a quarter century ago will perform as planned.
  14. M

    An Experiment To Determine If The Universe Is A Hologram Begins

  15. M

    NASA tests ‘impossible’ no-fuel quantum space engine – and it actually works

  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Japanese space army in the works

    Japan to launch “Space Army” Japan is planning to launch a military space force by 2019 that would initially be tasked with protecting satellites from dangerous debris orbiting the Earth
  17. M

    Wanna Build a Rocket? NASA’s About to Give Away a Mountain of Its Code

    Full Story
  18. V

    Which one is the best upcoming space RTS game?

    I am space game lover. I know huge numbers of space RTS game are under development. So what do you think? Which one can be best? I found one good project in kickstarter. I am thinking of funding this project on kickstarter...
  19. LazyLion

    ISS Crew ready for spacewalk to repair serious ammonia leak

    The International Space Station crew Friday were preparing for an emergency spacewalk to fix a "very serious" leak of ammonia from the orbiting laboratory's power system seeping into space. NASA emphasised that the lives of the multinational crew were not in danger but both Russian and US...
  20. LazyLion

    SpaceX Capsule Encounters Problems in Orbit

    The unmanned Dragon capsule launched on Friday by US firm SpaceX encountered problems en route to the space station when three of its four thrusters failed to fire up, the company said. "Issue with Dragon thruster pods. System inhibiting three of four from initializing. About to command...