1. RedViking

    Fridge Seal (Gasket)

    Anyone maybe know some places online that supply fridge seals? Got a quote from Seal-A-Fridge but would like to get some more quotes. Their communication and service has been great so far, so just the price that I would like to compare. I am in KZN.
  2. RedViking

    GWM C10 - Clutch Spares - Advice needed

    Ave! My mom has a GWM C10 (it was given to her some years ago). It looks like her clutch plate will need to be replaced. GWM wants to charge her R4600 (not sure if VAT is included) for the part only and apparently there are no other options or clutch kits available (Thank you China!). I had the...
  3. N

    Spare parts needed for external hdd

    Hi all. I'm a first time poster here so please let me know of I'm doing this incorrectly. Here is the situation : my hdd of 6 years powers on makes its usual sounds then goes completely silent. .device manager does not pick it up .bios does not pick it up .tested on the ps3 out...
  4. RedViking

    Advice on Buying Hyundai i20 1.6 2011 model

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a secondhand vehicle and might consider a Hyundai i20 1.6 2011 model, 100 000 km for 65K. I will only see the vehicle later this week, private buy, but would like to go prepared. (Kwazulu Natal). 1. Anyone with some advice on this vehicle and things I need to look out...
  5. K

    Bmw 118i or Audi A3 2L

    I am looking at these two cars as options to buy a sporty hatch. I like both the bmw 118i and the Audi A3 both 2010 models but im not to sure which to choose. I would like to know which out of the two cars is the better buy with regards to cost of spares as well as which car is more reliable...
  6. G

    Honda non genuine parts

    Looking for a place to buy good quality fake honda parts, i took my honda for a service yesterday and some stuff came up and it is really expensive to buy from them. I am not sure if Goldwagen sells honda parts or is there a store equal to goldwagen that sells honda parts?
  7. skinndeep

    Renault Spares

    Hi Guys I drive a Renault Clio mk3. Any chance of a spares place? Like Bishopautospares in Edenvale. I'm based in the east. Thanks in advance
  8. M

    HP 630 Replacement screen

    Hi guys. So a friend of mine accidentally sat on her laptop this weekend :erm: The result is a severely cracked screen. I'm trying to get a replacement screen off Amazon however they seem not to ship to SA:confused: Can anyone point me in the direction of a local distributor please. The...
  9. Rouxenator

    Most expensive part on your car

    Last week I got a new dash air vent since the old on cracked up after 13 years in the sun. I paid R1k since they had to bring it in from Germany as locally they no longer keep interior bits for my old car. That got me thinking, the car is probably worth R40k and I paid 2.5% of its value for...
  10. Daruk

    Acer notebook spares?

    Who can source Acer notebook spares in SA. I'm looking in particular for this part: It's an Acer Aspire 1410 2936 11.6" notebook and I need the upper cover...
  11. S


    Hi Everyone Does anybody have an idea of where i can find a working second-hand motherboard for a Packard Bell V7411 laptop? Thanks
  12. W

    Spare parts for an Opel Corsa Lite

    Hi guys Does anyone know where I could find spares for my Corsa lite, Im looking for a front right fender and a front bumper, both silver, preferably second hand in good condition and in the Durban / Pinetown / Kloof area please respond in this thread if you have either of the parts to sell...
  13. Mars

    Whats the law on dealers keeping parts/spares for cars available?

    AFAIK there is a law where dealers have to keep parts for their vehicles available for 20 years? How do I confirm that this is not a myth?
  14. LazyLion

    Opel Astra Right Rear-View Mirror - I need One!

    My wife was driving back from Pretoria and was getting stuck in-between a truck and the chevrons in the fast lane. One of the chevrons was sticking too far into the fast lane and whacked off the rear-view mirror on the driver's side. She could not avoid it cos the truck was on the other side...
  15. LazyLion

    Where can I buy seatbelts for a Bantam Bakkie?

    surely there must be a place that supplies and fits seat belts? Ours are very badly worn and unusable. Joburg area plz.
  16. C

    Spares HTC S710

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of a new outer keypad for my S710. I seem to be getting no response for the people at Leaf.
  17. N

    CBR600F2 spare in JHB?

    Anyone know where i can buy a chain and sprocket pack for this bike? I tightened the chain a bit too tight since the teeth of the sprockets are sliding a bit and now every second tooth is damaged. Can still ride it but damn dont wanna damage anything more. Anyone know? Close to JHB...