1. Rouxenator

    Gigabyte Odin GT GE-S550A-D1 550W Modular Power Supply [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gigabyte Odin GT GE-S550A-D1 550W power supply. Read a review about it here : Age and condition: 2 years old, still works great, very clean and all cables and thermal sensors included as you...
  2. N

    Using loadbalancing to address GP water supply?

    Hello, If you are in the ICT sector, you may be familiar with a concept called "load-balancing" that is normally used to handle server loads. Now based on this principle of "balancing a load", would it be possible to do the same thing with the current water shortage in GP? For example...
  3. A

    Recommend a UPS for home PC

    The small town we live in does not have a stable electricity supply, and we get a lot of 'brown-out' power dips, as well as frequent power outages over and above the Eskom load-shedding outages. I have recently had my Bosch fridge/freezer electronics damaged, which resulted in it needing a...
  4. LazyLion

    Agriculture Water Bills to Change

    The way South Africa's farmers are charged for the water they use is set to change, the government said on Tuesday. "We need to move to a volumetric-based system, and meter the supply to agriculture,... and manage it the way we do domestic supplies," water affairs acting director general...
  5. LazyLion

    Eskom Reviewing Tariff Decision

    Eskom is reviewing the implications of Nersa's decision to grant it a lower than requested electricity tariff hike, Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba said on Wednesday. "We are studying it in detail, because we need to understand what will happen to Eskom's operations through the...
  6. LazyLion

    Water Shortages in Johannesburg Suburbs

    Johannesburg residents in certain suburbs and surrounding areas were experiencing water shortages, Johannesburg Water (JW) said on Friday. Residents of Helderkruin, Constantia, Horison, and surrounding areas were affected, JW said in a statement. Electrical problems at Rand Water had...
  7. LazyLion

    More Power Cuts Expected for Alberton

    Residents in Alberton, east of Johannesburg, can expect more power cuts next week, Ekurhuleni municipality said on Friday. After more than five days with no electricity in five areas of Alberton last week, more outages were expected to happen from Sunday, said spokesman Sam Modiba. This...
  8. Rouxenator

    Hard drive supply shortage and price hikes = hoax

    Every since the whole Thailand flood issue hard drive prices have gone up and is some cases you now pay more than double what you paid for a few months ago. I am aware that some of the production facilities have been flooded but can the impact really be that big? I mean, it must be massive...
  9. Budza

    Uninterruptible Power Supply Requirements

    I need an uninterruptible power supply. Convinced not having one is what caused my mobo to die on me :( This thing: has 3 outputs, max 350VA, 210W. Is the 210W limit for battery output only or for the device as a...
  10. jes

    Eskom worried about long term coal supply

    Eskom worried about long term coal supply The security of coal supplies over the long term is a problem, power utility Eskom said on Wednesday.
  11. C

    I want my toy!!!

    First off hello. Never posted before despite registering while back but have been dedicated reader for quite while now. Now to topic. I am due for upgrade this month with VC and I have set my mind on iPhone 4 since l fell in love with iPad (the iPad has successfully converted me to be an...