1. K

    Decision - Buying a SUV under R300k

    Hi guys, So I'm looking to get my wife a SUV for 300k or under. 2018 and above, fuel efficiency is important. Possibly 30 000km and below. I have been looking at the Opel Grandland X, Nissan Qashqai, Mazda CX5, Haval H2...but fuel efficiency at 9.0l per 100km seems alot. Then again i drive a...
  2. V

    Nissan Qashqai vs Renault Duster (used)

    Hi all... I'm interested in getting an SUV, but will have to buy used. I'm currently looking at the Qashqai or Duster... any opinions from people who have owned either of these will be appreciated.
  3. Ivan Leon

    MG Motors to launch eZS electric SUV in India by end-2019

    MG Motors has made an announcement about the its all-new electric SUV that was initially planned for a 2020 launch. The car manufacturer has mentioned that the eZS (that's the official name for the electric SUV) will be introduced by the end of this year. The MG eZS will be brought to the...
  4. Ivan Leon

    Road Rover Rumours Fueled By Recent Trademark Filing

    Earlier this month, we reported about Land Rover’s plans to introduce its first-ever model outside the SUV and crossover segments. A British magazine then claimed that the project, tentatively named the Road Rover, could get Jaguar’s aluminium-intensive platform that will underpin the new...
  5. M

    Teaching aide had unprotected sex with troubled schoolboy, 14 in trunk of SUV

    Teaching aide had unprotected sex with troubled schoolboy, 14, in the trunk of her SUV
  6. Rouxenator

    Lamborghini Urus

    X-Tomi does a Base Spec Render Source :
  7. M

    Colorado man arrested after offering weed for sheriff's SUV

    Colorado man arrested after offering weed for sheriff's SUV
  8. Ivan Leon

    2017 Toyota Kluger review

    And here it is, Toyota's 'most likely to win' contender of the 2017 Darwin Award for the 'Most Unfortunate Branding Faux Pas in Selecting a Model Name', for it's soon to be launched 7-seater SUV for the USA and Australian markets! :whistle: Read the full article & see more pics at the...
  9. S

    Mini SUV under 300k

    Dear knowledgeable MyBB folk. We have been looking at a nice family car, does not have to be spacious, but must be Safe and Reliable (under 300k). My wife seems to be set on the new Vitara or 2nd hand B-class. My worry is on the reliability and resale of Suzuki - will Suzuki be around for the...
  10. R


    The Namibian Government introduced 50 PPM formally from 1st of June 2013, and the fuel specification has been gazetted. The availability is till limited due to the very short notice given by MME. From engen perspective the product will be made available only at selected sites. The...
  11. M

    I want to buy a Fortuner

    I am very interested in buying a low mileage (<30000kms) Toyota Fortuner. I have heard that there was a problem with the suspension in the early models, 2006 & early 2007. Are there any truth to this rumor? My current car is costing me on average R1000 per month to maintain and feel that some...