1. O

    Privacy breach

    Hi everyone Please help me. I have received a worrying communication from my colleague, we were supposed to meet and I lied that I am nearby, he said I must be serious because I am at x road and it will be hours before I reach a meeting place. He was right, I was at x road, now I am worried...
  2. Anthro

    Google publishing coronavirus mobility reports, feeding off users’ location history

    Google is now publishing coronavirus mobility reports, feeding off users’ location history As global communities respond to COVID-19, we've heard from public health officials that the same type of aggregated,anonymized insights we use in products such as Google Maps could be helpful as they...
  3. Lebogang95

    Remote Kill Switch For Car ? Recommendations ?

    I got a tracker for my car. But now I want a remote kill switch to stop potential hijackers on their tracks before they get far. Yes, I'm paranoid but this is my first car & this is South Africa. Also, I intend on not losing it. Not anytime soon anyway.
  4. M

    Google has been tracking Smartphone users everywhere they go

    I had NO idea Google was logging my trips, but I think the truly scary part is that the pics I took on my trips are linked to that trip!? I use Google photos to backup pics... "Google has been tracking Smartphone users everywhere they go, indicating trips with a red dot on a map to mark and...
  5. F

    Tracking your Telkom's SmartBroadband Uncapped order

    Hi Anyone who's successfully applied for the Telkom SmartBroadband uncapped deal, will know that you get e-mailed a Ticket number to follow up on your order status... Unfortunately the E-mail does not describe how to go about following up on this ticket number, and when trying to input the...
  6. W

    Vodacom altering web traffic, allowing websites to track you.

    Vodacom is currently editing all web traffic that is sent over its mobile internet service and inserting personal information, including your cellphone number, to the HTML header. Visit using your Vodacom internet service (Make sure you aren't connected to WiFi)...
  7. S

    Re-Sending a "READ RECEIPT" if you originally REJECTED the Prompt in MS OUTLOOK

    Hi ppl. I am hoping that someone can help me out with this. I am trying to Send a "READ RECEIPT" for an email I received. My MS Outlook is set to prompt me whenever a receipt is requested by the sender, allowing me to choose "Send" or "Don't Send" a receipt. I accidentally clicked on "Don't...
  8. C

    Tracking of WIFI Network

    Does anyone know of software for tracking viber and whatsapp messages sent from mobile phone via WiFi network?
  9. R

    MS Outlook 2010 Tracking settings

    Hi, I am using Outlook 2010 with a email address and I often schedule appointments in my calendar then send out invites for that appointment. When people accept the appointment then I can see in my appointment by the tracking option, but that seems to have disappeared - I can no...
  10. LazyLion

    US Army Seeks New Technology to Replace GPS

    The US army is working to limit its dependence on GPS by developing the next generation of navigation technology, including a tiny autonomous chip, the director of the Pentagon's research agency said Wednesday. DARPA, the research group behind a range of spy tech and which helped invent the...
  11. R

    Is Ubuntu spyware??
  12. J

    Recommend absolute entry level cheapest possible satellite tracking device please

    I only know of Tracker (@R169 pm) and Netstar (can't get a straight price off the website) has anyone had any good/bad experiences with these companies? are there other reputable companies who offer this service? thanks
  13. jes

    MTN WhereRU versus Vodacom Look4Me

    MTN WhereRU versus Vodacom Look4Me Cellfind provides MTN and Vodacom location based services; this is how they stack up price-wise
  14. QuintonB

    SA parolee tracking implemented - Report

    Parolee tracking implemented in SA: Report The pilot project for the tracking of parolees and probationers was implemented this month
  15. P

    I've written my first BlackBerry app (free tracking app)

    Since I was given a bold 9900 by the office, I went searching for something like findmyiphone for BB and couldn't find anything free so I wrote one. I've only tested it on the simulator and on my bold 9900 and it works fine there, do you guys feel like testing and giving me feedback. The app...
  16. M

    Apple sued over iOS location tracking

    I'm aware of the general thread about this but not sure if this was particularly posted. Source
  17. jes

    Smart phones to track tuberculosis patients

    Smart phones to track tuberculosis patients The government will make increasing use of technology such as smart phones and online maps in the fight against TB, the health department said on Wednesday.
  18. jes

    Mozilla, Google, and the 'do not track' button

    Mozilla, Google, and the 'do not track' button Mozilla and Google on Monday took steps toward giving people more online privacy but each said hurdles remain to creating simple "Do Not Track" buttons for Web browsing software.
  19. C

    How to track Registed Air parcel from overseas?

    Bough something from on 10th May, shipped via Hongkong Postal Service with Registed Air Parcel to South Africa on 15th May, still have not received notification from local Post Office to go collect. What now? Already euqired the website to try and obtain the local tracking...
  20. G

    Cellphone Tracking

    I am looking for a solution to track drivers in our company cars. our company driver each have a company cellphone which we could use to track them.. Anyone know of a company that supplies this service or would I have to have a tracker installed in every car ? Thanks